John Eye’s ‘Ride’ Music Video


Photo of Eenae and John Eye in screenshot from 'Ride' videoThe wait is finally over! John Eye‘s music video for ‘Ride‘ off of his ‘cannonicus 3.14‘ album is finally available for your viewing pleasure, starring yours truly! :) There’s two of me so what is a guy to do but just hang back and observe. I can’t really review the video I am in so please enjoy and review the video in the Comments section.   I’m always up for constructive criticsm. Post this blog to your social network media of choice and pass the video around!

I would like to thank Green Imaging for doing a great job shooting the video; Stop Staring for providing that awesome red dress!; Seevon for doing the make up (you made me look great!); and Pam for Assassin costume design (everyone loves those red gloves!); and John Eye for making such a sexy song!

Click  to see other music videos or to hear/purchase other songs by John Eye. Support your musicians. Don’t pirate their hard work!

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  1. xandimusic says:

    very nice video and song! Great! Greetings

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