Breakout Aussie Indie sensation Royel Otis, comprised of Royel Maddell and Otis Pavlovic, have had a career that could be accurately described as something of a whirlwind. Debuting their first EP Campus just three years ago in 2021, the band quickly amassed a sizable following across their subsequent releases Bar n Grill in 2022, and Sofa Kings in 2023, with the latter peaking at number 43 on the ARIA Albums Chart (fellow Americans, think “Billboard” for Down Under). Riding the wave of that success, the group dropped their first true long form release Pratts & Pain right here in 2024, demonstrating that they’ve lost none of their incredible momentum while propelled forward by tracks like “Claw Foot.”

“Claw Foot” itself is a tightly constructed and eminently catchy exemplar of Royel Otis’ sterling approach to alt-pop/rock. The song’s bass-heavy rhythmic figure and chimey guitars are immediately evocative of genre paragons like Joy Division and The Cure, while it’s breakneck pace and chanted chorus keep things sounding fresh and the energy high. The end result is a nimble, vibrant synthesis of timeless indie aesthetics and present-day appeal.

The song’s accompanying music video is simple but effective, featuring grainy footage of the band & their touring crew on stage. Classic stuff, really, but it works for a reason, clearly communicating the song’s relentless verve and live performance allure.

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