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The Muppets Movie Review (2011) – They’re Baaaaaack!


This weekend’s movie choice was a toss up between Puss in Boots or The Muppets movie.  Well, turns out my partner in crime was a big Muppets fan, so The Muppets movie it was!  And boy was that a good choice!  It brought back so many memories of The Muppet Show when I was a kid.

Photo of the Muppets movie posterThe movie is about two brothers Gary and Walter:  One who is human (Jason Segel) and one who is more Muppet-like (voiced by Peter Linz).  Although you never do get to meet the parents of this pair of unlikely siblings.  (Things that make you go “Hmmmmmm….”) The brothers are both going through changes as they grow up. Well, in the sense of living life because Gary gets taller as Walter stays the same height.  Amy Adams plays Gary’s girlfriend, Mary, and tries to be understanding of the brothers’ relationship even though she’s been with Gary for 10 years and was hoping for some Quality Time during their anniversary trip to Los Angeles.  Unfortunately for her Walter will be joining them.

Walter has been obsessed with the Muppets since his first viewing of The Muppet Show when it was on television.  So since the Muppet Studios is in Los Angeles, Gary gifted Walter with a ticket to go with him and Mary to go visit the studios while they were there.  The movie takes the audience to the now delapidated Muppet Studios, a villainous oil tycoon (played by Chris Cooper) who wants to buy the place so he can drill for oil as long as $10 million dollars can’t be raised in a specified amount of time when the Muppet contract is up, and Walter, Gary, and Mary rounding up the Muppet crew for a last ditch effort to save the studios.

I loved how the story was told and how well it brought a new generation of Muppet fans into the fold. I must admit the sad song that Kermit sings about how he felt he didn’t do well to keep the team together and popular really made me cry! Seriously. And at the end, when the song “Rainbow Connection” came on it was like going back in time!  I still remembered the words! It was perfect!  You’ll see all the characters you know and love!

The cons I would have to say for those that don’t like musicals….it’s a musical. Also, growing up with Jim Henson voicing Kermit, this Kermit was good, but his voice is just a tad bit off from the original Kermit. Same goes for Miss Piggy and Fozzi who were originally voiced by Frank Oz.  But they’re still pretty good.

The Muppets movie is a great film for families. It’s good clean fun.  I don’t even think there were any sexual innuendos or phrases for adults like in some children’s movies these days.  I highly recommend seeing it! And I guarantee you’ll come out of there humming “Munamana!”  when you’re done!

E-Rating (1-meh, 5-Eenae Endorsed): EEEEE

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