The Price of Carbon

Whether you are a believer of climate change or not, I think we need to start acknowledging that there is a massive price tag (the price of carbon) associated with the string of natural disasters that have been occurring more and more frequently  in the past couple of years.

If you realize that it is human behavior and inability to change that is causing this I applaud you for being a conscious forward thinking human being.  If you are not convinced that human action, or rather inaction is responsible for the rapidly intensifying pendulum swings of storms and drought, perhaps you can at least admit that you probably don’t want to pay the billions of dollars that are coming out of taxpayers pockets to recover from these tragedies. I am not suggesting in any way that we do not help communities recover from destruction, but more that we take a look at how we can prevent having to pay out this money in advance.  Treat the cause not the symptom.

Really, what have you got to lose?  Even if environmental scientists were all completely wrong about humans impact on global climate change, we would have at least improved society and the environment that we live in.  That seems like an obvious win win to me, with the added benefit that if all those educated scientists were actually right, we will have made responsible strides toward improving our world, and reduce paying the price of carbon.

The following video illustrates in the simplest of terms how ignoring the fossil fuel consumption habits of our society costs us all billions of dollars with the only profit from the situation funneling to corporations.  It is time to change that.



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