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Athena’s Cup Bra Donations for Breast Cancer – Hosted by Athena’s Home Novelties


Picture of Athena's Home Novelties logoAthena’s Home Novelties ” is one of the country’s premier adult novelty party planning companies with over 1,700 active Goddesses operating in 40 states across the country” who not only want to give pleasure through their products, they want to make sure you’re around long enough to enjoy them.  Through their charity, Athena’s Cup, they are accepting all bra donations so they can raise awareness for breast cancer and break the record of 169,000 Most Bras Linked together. Currently they have almost half of that amount.

New BrasI just got in from an unplanned Victoria’s Secret shopping spree.  They are very good at luring you in with a card for a ‘Free Panty’.  Before you know it you are browsing through all the silk, satin, nylon and sparklies and coming out with more than you went in for. Cheeky cheeky.  Now I’ve got four new bras (the black one is hidden behind the white), and I’ll be donating my old ones to Athena’s Cup.

So if you’re updating your underwear drawer or just cleaning it out please send your bra donations (as many as you want!) to the following address:

Athena’s Home Novelties

640 Winter Street

Woonsocket, RI 02895

(Please include a $5 donation check as well payable to Athena’s Cup)

You can find more information at Athena’s Cup. They would like to reach their goal by October 2013. So please forward this article to all of  the women (or men in drag) that you know and donate your bras for this worthy cause!

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