Kobalt Dual Power Inflator

Kobalt Dual Power Inflator Review: Model #KL12120 – Not Just Full of Air


Photo of Kobalt Dual Power Inflator front viewThe Kobalt Dual Power Inflator makes filling up tires and any other air filled toy, ball or mattress so easy, even a girl could do it!  And I’m a girl.  I should know!  That’s why I bought it!

One drizzily day my friend and I needed to fill up his tires with air. So we drove around until we found a gas station that had an air machine.  After putting in a $1.00’s worth of quarters, we come to find out the air valve didn’t work very well.  You really needed to push down on it and it was slow, or it let air out of the tire instead of in and on top of that the rain was not helping our moods.  Then the machine stopped due to time running out and we barely finished filling the third tire! Ugh. So we drove further up the street to another station, this time only needing 75 cents to fill up the fourth tire.  This machine’s problem was that the pressure gauge wasn’t working so he had to eyeball it.   Gas stations’ air machines get beat up so bad, that unless the air is free (yes, I know you are paying for the use of the machine) it’s really not worth the money or the hassle.

A week later I noticed my back tire was looking flat.  Not wanting to go through the same ordeal I decided to do some internet research on home air inflators.  I figure there has got to be a way to do this at home.  Well, gotta love the internet!  I found the Kobalt Dual Power Inflator on the Lowe’s website.  Not wanting to wait for shipping, I decided to head to the Lowe’s up the street and see what they had in stock.  The model I purchased was the #KL12120.

The machine is approximately 10.75in x 7.5in x 5in.  So it’s small enough to be kept in your car and lightweight, so easily portable.

On the front of the Kobalt Dual Power Inflator you will find the following:

Power switch functions, top left: OFF, HOME, CAR

Photo of Kobalt Dual Power Inflator power switch functions


Air valve cap holder, top right:  Four spaces – two available, two with spare caps.  Great idea, so you don’t lose the ones you have as it rolls away somewhere never to be found again.

Photo of Kobalt Dual Power Inflator valve cap holders

Digital display: This is my favorite part!  You don’t need a tire gauge.  It will show you what the Current PSI is, then you press the left up and down arrows for your Target PSI, the display will blink.  When it stops blinking press the Run/Pause button once to run, press again if you want to pause the fill.  The machine will stop AUTOMAGICALLY when your Target PSI has been reached!  Easy, no fuss!

Photo of Kobalt Dual Power Inflator digital display

Valve adapters, left door: The machine comes with (1) Presta Valve Adaptor for use on bikes; (2) Sports needles for footballs, basketballs, etc; and (1) Raft Nozzle for air mattresses, toys, etc.

Photo of Kobalt Dual Power Inflator valve adapter accessories

Along the edge is the air hose with quick connect valve.  Flip the top up, place on tire valve, and flip top down to lock into place.

Photo of Kobalt Dual Power Inflator air hose and quick connector valve

The Kobalt Dual Power Inflator is called such because it has AC 120V and DC 12V capabilities.  So available to use in the home and car respectively.  Inflation is obviously much faster if you use it at home.

The 120V cord can be found along the edge of the machine parallel to the air hose and it is short, so you will need an extension cord to do all of your tires.

Photo of Kobalt Dual Power Inflator 120V electrical cord

The 12V cord, found behind a door on the back of the machine, plugs into a 12V outlet in your car and the cord seems long enough to weave through the inside of your car to access all of your tires.

Photo of Kobalt Dual Power Inflator 12V power cord and plug

Kobalt Dual Power Inflator


I used the machine at home with an extension cord and filled up all four of my underinflated tires in 10 minutes!  I am very happy with the Kobalt Dual Power Inflator and would recommend it to anyone out there.  So spend the $49 or so dollars on this and don’t worry about driving around to many gas stations, feeding quarters to a machine that does not work properly.


E-rating (1=meh, 5=Eenae Endorsed): EEEEE

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