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Best Recording Studio in Boston Area

Close up of faders on a mixing board in the best recording studio in bostonSo you are looking for the best recording studio in Boston to record your next album or single.  What makes a studio the “best recording studio in Boston”?  In my opinion, professionalism, experience, reasonable price, easy to work with, quality of the final product, an engineer that will give you his all (not just phone it in and push you through the machine) and a chill vibe.  Here is a list of the top five favorites, the genres they seem to specialize in, and their locations in relation to downtown Boston.  No matter what you are looking for, one of these studios will fit your needs.

 Top 5 Best Recording Studios in Boston

Q Division  – An indie rock and folk studio based in Cambridge MA, with nice live rooms and a long history of recording many different styles. These guys have been around a while and do a great job, but are one of the higher priced studios. (25-30 minutes from downtown Boston)

Galaxy Park – An old entity with a new facility in Watertown MA focusing on punk and hard rock.  If you want a punk rock record fast, these are the guys to do it.  (20-25 minutes from downtown Boston)

Beach House Studios – A smaller studio with a great control room that records a wide variety of styles from glam, folk, indie, trip hop, and electronica, to mixing audio for film, in an amazing scenic beach location in North Weymouth MA  These guys also have a full production video crew on staff to direct and edit your music video.  (25-30 minutes from downtown Boston)

Taylor Barefoot Productions  – A medium and ever expanding sized studio with a great drum room, tons of guitars and amps, and a focus on melodic rock, electronica, indie rock, jazz, and folk.  The studio is located in Brighton MA  (20-25 minutes from downtown Boston)

Watch City Studios – A medium/large studio with great gear based in Waltham MA that focuses on indie and art rock.  These guys have a staff of engineers that have been around the Boston Scene for years.  (25-30 minutes from downtown Boston)

Let us know what your experiences have been at these studios, or tell us what you think the best recording studio in Boston is by leaving us a comment.

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