David Bowie – The Next Day


The Video by David Bowie for the song The Next Day has stirred up a bit of controversy making David the target of criticism from the Catholic League president Bill Donohue who referred to it as the work of a “switch-hitting, bisexual senior citizen from London” that “is strewn with characteristic excess.” Donohue went on to say “In short, the video reflects the artist – it is a mess,”

The video features Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard as characters in a setting where priests revel in an environment surrounded by scantily clad women dancing to David Bowie’s performance of The Next Day while dressed as either Jesus or another prophet.  Marion suddenly displays a stigmata and the whole scene crumbles into ironic confusion.  Yes, I agree that this scene artistically displays a “mess” but I interpret the video as reflecting the somewhat illogical dogma and practices of religion more than the confusion of the artist.

This pretty much falls in line with some of the weirder creations that Bowie has come up with, and though it may not be my favorite song of all time, I enjoy the dirty and campy twisted presentation that leaves you wondering what just happened. I’m adding it to the track of the week library because I think life should be a little weird sometimes. Perhaps a slim wedge of David Lynch with your David Bowie?

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