Dub FX – Flow feat. Woodnote


Dub FX – Flow is Rumor Control’s new Track of the Week.  This is a rare time when a live recording takes the Track of the Week status, but if you have ever seen Dub FX live you will understand.  This guy is one of the most amazing looper/songwriters out there, and his voice has just the right amount of grit to be street smooth and appealing.  His songs are a mix of dub, trip hop, techno, rap, and jazz.  This particular song ‘Flow’ is another rarity for me, as I am not normally a fan of saxophone, but Mr. Woodnote seems to be one of those rare players who has tone, taste, and ability all rolled into one.  Not to brash, and not to elevator, just right.

Find out more info about him on the Dub FX official site.

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