Pic of me in yellow sun hat

How To Make a Sun Hat Hanger for $4 or Less

sun-hat-hangar-yellow-030313Pic of Eenae wearing black and white striped sun hatI love to wear a sun hat during the summer.   They are cute and sexy and keeps the sun out of my eyes without the need for sunglasses.  However, my small sun hat collection is difficult to store.  Too big for my closet shelf and too small for a storage bin.  I don’t want the brim bent unnaturally.  So I searched the internet for a sun hat hanger.  Finally I found this post from Venusian Glow.


All materials can easily be bought at your local dollar store: chip clips with a hole, string, and a pair of scissors.

Pic of sun hat hangar materials: chip clips; string; scissors

Measure string to the length you need.  Tie string to a nail, tack, hook or in my case my clothes iron holder.  Next weave the string through the hole in the chip clip and tie a knot at the height you want your hat to be at.   Continue to tie the other clips to the string in the same manner.  Then clip your hats and adjust as needed.  It’s such a simple sun hat hanger!  It keeps your hats in perfect shape and ready for the sun.

Pic of sun hat hangar with hats

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