Panoramic photo of nemo the blizzard on the water in Wessagusset Weymouth, MA
Nemo the Blizzard on the water in Wessagusset Weymouth, MA

Nemo The Blizzard of February 2013

Whiteout in Weymouth

It’s 9:40 in the morning February 9th, 2013.  Nemo the Blizzard barreled along its path to hit the northeast, unloaded its snow and is almost gone. In Weymouth, MA it has dumped about 3 feet of snow in its wake.  People are out now with shovels and snow blowers beginning the clean up process.

The wind was really kicking last night. At times shaking the whole house.  Small branches were breaking off the trees hitting the house and making tons of noises.  Now they are all strewn about the lawn. The power went off and on a few times during the evening but we ended up lucky with it staying on and pretty stable throughout the night.

The wind and snow are still going at the time of this writing, and it is definitely a winter wonderland out there. It’s pretty when you don’t have to go out into it. I’m definitely not looking forward to going out there and shoveling and/or snowblowing.

I hope everyone is safe and warm.  Let me know in the Comments section, how you spent your time during Nemo the Blizzard.  I played Wizard101 and did my Tabata workout.  Just catching up on some ‘me’ time.


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