Playing a musical instrument keeps your brain “sharp, young and focused”!

The Science Advances journal published a study involving the neural brain patterns of both young and old musicians and the non alike. What they found is that playing music keeps a youthful brain by exercising and preserving nerve patterns in the brain.

Playing a musical instrument has been discovered to engage “every part of the central nervous system” as Neuroscientist John Dani, PhD and chair of Neuroscience at Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine reported.

Playing a musical instrument such as the violin for example engages the peripheral nervous system as both the right and left hand are doing two totally different tasks from one another – the left playing specific notes and fingerings while the right is bowing the strings and controlling musical phrasing and performance. This nervous system engagement taps into both the left and right sides of the brain.

Older musicians in the study were discovered to recognize audiovisual syllables equivalently to young musicians under noisy conditions along with the discovery of having a higher neural alignment, SWNS reported.

Undoubtedly we will not always be able to hold onto our youthful looks, but we can preserve a youthful brain by playing a musical instrument.

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