Pro Pet Breath Mints Review – Doggy Breath Begone? or Beware?


Pro Pet Breath Mints bottleEveryone would love to have their pet’s breath smelling well…tolerable. But my dog has some bad breath. Some say he could knock you out with his radioactive breath! LOL  So I’ve been trying to find some alternatives to kicking the stink before I drop the big bucks and get him a teeth cleaning.

I went to my neighborhood pet store and found a bottle of Pro Pet Breath Mints.  According to the label it:

  • “Helps support good oral health
  • Chewing action helps reduce tartar build up
  • Tasty mint flavor”

Well, who wouldn’t want their dog’s breath smelling minty fresh?  So I picked up a bottle of Pro Pet Breath Mints to give it a try.  There are 200 tablets per bottle. The directions state to give “1-3 tables, preferably morning, noon, and night.”  However, those instructions are a little unclear if they mean 1-3 tablets at each feeding? Or 1-3 for the whole day?

Photo of small Pro Pet Breath Mint next to a normal dimeCons: Pro Pet Breath Mint tablets are too small for dogs who have mouths bigger than a teacup dog’s.  All other dog sizes won’t chew but swallow. And if you can get your dog to lick the tablet before giving it to him the minty freshness only lasts for a few minutes.

Pros: Smells minty.

Unfortunately this product did not work too well to fix our problem but I have since found something else that has. Read my Plaque Blast review here or my raw food diet review.

E Rating (1 E= meh, 5 Es = Eenae Endorsed): E

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