Photo of t-boned toaster on Frank's Towing truck going to Glenville Terrace Auto Body

Another Glenville Terrace Auto Body Review: My Honda Element Accident


T-Boned Toaster

Photo of passenger side door of my Element before heading to Glenville Terrace Auto BodyShortly after moving to the South Shore my 2006 Honda Element, aka my toaster, got t-boned crossing through an intersection in Quincy, MA on a bright early Monday morning.

The passenger side doors were slammed in and the plastic mud flap piece above the front wheel was dragging on the street that the police officer had to help me kick it off.  My toasted toaster couldn’t even drive straight except when the wheel was at 180 degrees!  My first thought was to have Glenville Terrace Auto Body (GTAB) repair my car because they did such a great job with my friend’s Saab, but they were in Allston and I was in Quincy and I knew no one out here I would trust with my car.

So I called Barry over at Glenville Terrace Auto Body to perhaps recommend me someone in the South Shore area.  He gave me one better and offered to have a tow truck come get me and my toaster from Quincy and bring us to his shop in Allston in the middle of rush hour!! Talk about customer service!  I couldn’t believe my good fortune.

Photo of t-boned toaster on Frank's Towing truck going to Glenville Terrace Auto BodyJoe from Frank’s Towing showed up and hoisted my Element onto the back of his truck and off we went.  (Thanks Joe for the conversation and the singing!!)

Once we arrived at the shop Barry came out personally to inspect my car.  He estimated about 3 weeks to have it fixed.  The kicker? I didn’t have rental car coverage on my insurance.  However, that was no problem either.  Barry got on the phone with Enterprise and I got a great rate, $21/day!  I only needed something for the day because I was lucky to be able to borrow a family car until mine was repaired. Whew! Thank goodness for family!

Photo of repaired Element at Glenville Terrace Auto Body shop

Carleton and Barry kept me up to date on the status my car.  The door frame was badly bent, a new wheel was needed, and they put in new shocks and struts and whatever else goes underneath the front of the car to align it properly. They consulted with my insurance company and took care of everything. And I mean everything.  When I got my car back, not only was there no trace of an accident, it was detailed and shiny, and they replaced the cracked windshield that had had happened after hurricane Sandy and nothing to do with the accident.  Even the final bill came out better than I expected!

Glenville Terrace Auto Body really do go out of their way to make sure you’re satisfied with the repairs.  Carelton and Barry both followed up with me by phone and email to make sure that everything with the car was running smoothly.  I really appreciate that type of service and I hope you find them as good as I do.

Thanks GTAB!! Me and my toaster are so happy!!

Photo of fully repaired passenger side of Element in Glenville Terrace Auto shop

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