Billy Botox – Lucky Day

Canadian rapper Billy Botox’s new single “Lucky Day” is a bold and infectious track that showcases his quick-witted humor and West Coast bounce. Produced by Stroker Deluca, the song is a rally call to all hustlers who refuse to quit, and make challenging sacrifices working toward their dreams and goals.

With his signature ironic introspection, Botox delivers clever and bold lyrics that show his determination to succeed. He reminds listeners to be unapologetically themselves and to stay true to their goals until their lucky day arrives.

As a hip hop veteran, Botox’s flow is tight, and his lyrics are undeniable. “Lucky Day” is reminiscent of the West coast grimy bounce of Dre and Snoop, mixed in with the humor of Redman, Czarface, O.D.B, and OutKast.

Botox like Czarface, and their roots in Wu-Tang signals a return to the great storytelling and authentic powerful voices of hip hop without the gimmicks, technological, and mumbling coverups of mediocracy that have become ubiquitous across the genre in the past decade and a half.

The song Lucky Day comes as part of Botox’s solo music career, who initially gained recognition as part of the hip hop comedy duo “Game Genies.” The Game Genies music-comedy series spotlighted the absurdity of two self-proclaimed “masterminds of rap” and their fumbling slapstick attempts at success. A “Spinal Tap” of hip hop if you will.

Now signing to H1 Massive Botox takes a more serious approach to his solo work, and has been putting out a series of powerful singles and videos, all be it with a clever wink and a sly smile reminiscent of Micky Avalon.

Overall, “Lucky Day” is an irresistible track that will undoubtedly leave listeners eager for more. With more singles, videos, and an EP set to follow in 2023, Botox’s future looks promising.

Check out the song and see if it’s your ‘Lucky Day’

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