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Luther TV Show Review (BBC) – Intense Psychological Police Drama


Photo of Luther silhouetteI just finished watching Season 1 of Luther on Netflix Watch Instantly and all I can say is “WOW.”  The nice thing I like about British shows, there’s only a few episodes of each per season.  Season 1 is only 6 episodes and the upcoming Season 2 is just 4 episodes.  This means more time to actually come up with clever writing, filming, and a really good miniseries, but if it’s really good you just feel like you have to wait FOREVER for the next season to come out or wish there were more.

The show follows DCI John Luther (Idris Alba) who is a police detective in Britain.  He’s a looming hunk of a black man and can pretty much intimidate anyone. He’s totally in love with his wife, Zoe (Indira Varma), who left him due to the fact that he’s married to the dead he is trying to find justice for.

Each episode focuses on a single crime he is trying to solve while intertwining his personal life in between while he tries to keep that from unraveling all together.

So far, my favorite character is Alice Morgan, played coyly by Ruth Wilson.  Alice is happy in her skin as a killer if she needs to be.  She’s beautiful and dangerous.  For some reason she has taken to Luther and protects him in her own “not-normal” way.  In the first episode, you really don’t like her, but by the end you are happy she’s there.

This show was pretty intense all the way to the end.  Now I’m waiting breathlessly for Season 2 to come across the pond to Netflix in 2012! or you can buy Season 1 and 2 here!

E-rating (1-meh, 5-Eenae Endorsed): Definately EEEEE

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