Die Antwoord – Fatty Boom Boom


Where do I even start with this smoking Track of the Week? Die Antwoord Fatty Boom Boom is one of the sickest techno/rap dance songs with one of the most twisted and creative videos I have had the pleasure to watch over and over again. This raging punk-rap duo (Ninja and Yo-landi Vi$$er) hails from South Africa, is blowing up internationally and destroying their rap and hip hop counterparts here in the United States.

One of my favorite elements of this video is the way that they totally rank on Lady Gaga, who in real life tried to get them to open for her. Die Antwoord turned her down which started a feud, with Lady Gaga spouting venom, and Die Antwoord making it clear that they could care less what she thinks of them. You must see the making of Phatty Boom Boom where Ninja says that he would rather date their Transvestite version of Lady Gaga than the real one, because theirs is much hotter. I have to agree with him.

Die Antwoord eat their competition for breakfast, spit out the bones, dance a crazy voodoo ceremony on them, and film a video while doing it. I don’t think I have ever seen a rap group  as energetic, insane, creative, and anti-establishment, as these guys, all while they manage to remain crazy catchy and fun at the same time. Die Antwoord are a force to be reckoned with, watch out you lazy U.S. hip hop artists!

Find out more about this group on the  Die Antwoord official site.

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