Canadian DIY darlings Men I Trust made a name for themselves in the indie scene with their unique blend of dreamy, groove-laden pop. Oftentimes in the band’s press it seems that former characteristic of their music eclipses the latter in recognition, but “Tailwhip” is proof positive that their sense for for crafting an infectious rhythm is just as keen as their knack for generating the spacious atmospheres those rhythms occupy.

“Tailwhip” thrives on Jessy Caron’s irresistible bassline and fragmented guitar textures, which together with Dragos Chiriac’s subtly intricate keyboard work and some even-keel, deep in the pocket percussion combine in a captivating and hypnotic musical landscape. The production is clean and polished, allowing each element to shine through crisp and clear without ever vying for dominance in the laid-back, kaleidoscopic whole.

Lead Vocalist Emma Proulx’s breathy delivery adds a layer of warmth and intimacy to the song. She conveys her musings on small-town to big-city wanderlust with elegance and understated confidence. Proulx and her bandmates feature prominently in the song’s accompanying video, which showcases the band’s homespun approach by combining a montage of home video footage with some delightfully low-tech green screen shots of the band juxtaposed over top.

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