Billy Botox

Lucky Day Video by Billy Botox

Teaming up with Stroker Deluca Billy Botox delivers another great video for his new single Lucky Day.

Known from TV series (as Billy Wickman) like Hell on Wheels, Psych, Supernatural, and blockbuster films A-Team and Planet of the Apes, Billy is a natural on camera in his videos as he turns his attention to putting out new music.

“Lucky Day” offers up a rally call to all hustlers who make sacrifices working toward their dreams and goals. His lyrics “This may be my lucky day, I gave all my F***s away” show the determination of someone who can’t be stopped, is not distracted by shiny illusions or false hopes, and knows what he plans to achieve with his talent.

“The song is about being unapologetically yourself,” says Billy Botox. “Everyone gets their lucky day. That shot may only come once, so be ready. In the meantime, just do you until you get that call.”

Check out the cool video for Lucky Day, where we all grind away at work and hope for that one break.

Find out more about Billy Botox on his Artist profile with his record label H1 Massive. Subscribe to the H1 Massive YouTube channel to be the first to see more Billy Botox Videos.

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