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Out of Curiosity, Which Social Model Would You Prefer?

Image of a poll box being checked with a red markerWith ever present political divide and extreme partisanship there is a lot of debate on the news about what is best for the United States, and I feel like the media outlets are not really an accurate cross section of the American population, but slanted with a hidden agenda, and some level of propaganda.

So I would like to get the opinion of the average American citizen of what they feel would serve themselves and their families best now and into the future.

So, based solely on the definitions provided here, which would you prefer?

Capitalism: an economic system in which individuals, through their own hard work and initiative, may become wealthy (increase their capital), and therefore be in a position to grow their businesses and create jobs for other hard-working people.

Socialism: an economic system in which, although individuals by means of hard work and personal initiative may become wealthy, grow their businesses, and therefore provide jobs to other hard-working individuals, also holds that major, vital industries and utilities ought to be owned and operated by “the people” in general (e.g. power/water/gas utility companies, railroads, airlines, banks, education, etc.)

Communism: an economic system in which there are NO privately-owned businesses on any level, a system under which all means of production and all forms of employment are solely owned and operated by the State.


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