SSLy Scout – babylon dayz

SSLy Scout’s new single “babylon dayz,” releases on October 27th with a full vocal on one side and an instrumental dub version on the flip. The song is a nod to both tradition and innovation, and showcases SSLy’s (pronounced “sly) commitment to the roots of dub music while pushing the boundaries of the genre in a new and exciting direction.

SSLy Scout’s unique background and one-of-a-kind style are all over “babylon dayz.” Scout describes his studio setup, combining both analogue and digital gear collected over the years, as more “Poor-tools than Protools,” cheekily demonstrating his commitment to breaking away from genre standards and embracing a more personal and unconventional path.

More than just a song, “babylon dayz” is a bold artistic statement steeped in a conceptual apocalypse where after all else has fallen, dub reigns supreme. SSLy Scout’s unique fusion of styles and influences, along with the collaborative energy of Jay Spaker, makes this release a must-listen for anyone seeking a fresh and powerful take on the dub genre. It’s an exciting sign of what’s to come from SSLy Scout and his newly minted record label, ‘dUb from the ruins.‘ This release is a celebration of innovation and tradition in dub music that fans of the genre should eagerly anticipate.

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