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TRON Legacy Review


Tron Legacy PosterIf you are expecting a fun movie with great visual stylization and presentation you will enjoy TRON Legacy.  If you are looking for a deep bulletproof script with a logical progression, you might want to go read the book Snow Crash

All in all this film is a lot of fun to look at (total eye-candy experience).  The costumes were well designed, and the sets were well put together without any overtly obvious CGI glitches.  As a matter of fact the only CGI complaint that I really have is the “young” face that they did for Jeff Bridges.  I think if they had hired a real portrait artist, and spent a little more time on it, it would have been very realistic.  It was not too bad, and fun to see him as a young Kevin Flynn again, but still took a little out of the suspension of disbelief.  Something about the mouth and cheeks just didn’t move naturally enough.

I also loved Jeff/Kevin’s immaculate mountain fortress of solitude where he channels a little of “The Dude” into his zen master/computer programmer character.  By the way, since your done filming the movie now, can I live there?

If you are a fan of the first TRON movie I really can’t see why you wouldn’t naturally enjoy this sequel.  They follow a logical story progression from one to the next, and though the costumes and visuals were updated, they really maintained the aesthetic.  My only criticism is that I would have loved more.  There is so much potential to expand upon the back stories of all the virtual characters and how they developed, but I understand they were limited by time.

The soundtrack for TRON legacy was great.  Such a smart move to involve Daft Punk, and even have them in the film as Dj’s in a club scene.  They just fit perfectly into the mood, visuals, and overall vibe of the world that the movie presents.  Somebody congratulate that music director for having one of the best ideas of his life. for the trailer

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