Photo of Chicken Cutlet Sub

Want Subs or Pizza in Brighton, MA? A Pizza Etc. Review


Photo of Chicken Cutlet Sub

Got a little hungry and wanted a sub or pizza in Brighton, MA. So I ordered from our neighborhood sub shop, Pizza Etc. 1 large chicken cutlet with lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon and mayo and 1 large steak bomb.

Photo of Steak Bomb Sub

We were so hungry I barely got a chance to take the pics before they were devoured! Lol

Needless to say the subs were very good and generous portions!   Pizza Etc. is also VERY fast with their delivery.  We literally just hung up the phone and they were already knocking on our door with our food!  So if you want a sub or pizza in Brighton FAST call these guys!

Pizza Etc. is located in Oak Square, Brighton, MA. 617-254-2022.

E-rating (1=meh, 5= Eenae Endorsed): EEEE



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