Want to look like you have spent all day cooking, but didn’t?  This Lasagna Roll Ups recipe will impress your friends!

Photo of lasagna boilingIngredients you will need for the Lasagna Roll Ups:

  • Lasagna noodles
  • 1  medium onion – chopped
  • 3 cloves of garlic – chopped
  • 1 Tbsp dry oregano
  • 1/2 tsp hot pepper flakes
  • Fresh basil
  • 3/4 cup fresh parsley flat leaf
  • 1/2 cup of red wine
  • 2 cans of good crushed tomatoes
  • 2 lbs of ricotta cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 cup of parmesan cheese
  • 3 cup mozzarella cheese
  • Salt and Pepper


Prep time:  10 minutes

Cook time: 60 minutes to 75 minutes



Cook the lasagna noodles per box instructions.  Once done, rinse in cold water and set aside.


tomato sauce cookingSecond:

Cook the sauce.

1. On medium to low heat, saute garlic and onions for about 4 minutes

2. Add the oregano and hot pepper, stir for 2 minutes

3. Add wine, canned tomatoes, basil and 1/4 cup of parsley, stir, then simmer on low for 30-40 minutes.



While the sauce is cooking, make the cheese filling.   Mix together the ricotta, 2 cups mozzarella, 1 cup parmesan, eggs, 1/2 cup of parsley, and salt and pepper; set aside in fridge.



Once the sauce is done, preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Then let’s roll up!  Grab the noodles and the cheese mix from the fridge.

On a cutting board, layout lasagna noodles one strip at a time.  Put about 2 tbsp of ricotta mix on a strip of lasagna noodle and then roll the combination up. Repeat with the other strips.

Lasagna roll ups in baking pan

In a baking pan, cover the bottom of the pan with a layer of sauce. Place the roll ups in the sauce and cover the roll ups with the remainder of the sauce.  Top with the remaining parmesan and mozzarella cheese and bake for 30 minutes.

This Lasagna Roll Ups recipe is so delicious you may have to roll your guests to a bed because they’ll be so full! Enjoy!


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