A SynergEyes Duette Hybrid Contact Lens Review – Is It The Holy Grail for Clear, Crisp, Comfortable Vision?


Photo of hard lens plus soft lens equals Duette lens

Look out folks! There’s a new contact lens in town. Made from SynergEyes, the Duette contact lens is the newest in hybrid contact lens technology.  It’s promising crisper, clearer vision and comfort by incorporating both hard and soft contact lenses into one.

What is currently out on the market now for those of us that need vision correction? There are soft contacts, soft contacts for astigmatism (explained below), hard contacts (or RGPs – Rigid Gas Permeables), and glasses. Soft contacts are very easy to get used to and are very comfortable, but they do not correct for astigmatism. Soft contacts for astigmatism correct for astigmatism, but blur when you blink, because the lens moves a little then settles back into place. Hard contacts, well are hard and can pop out of your eyes at the most inopportune time, but give clearer vision. And glasses….well, they’re not contacts.

Photo of Tootse Pop owl cartoonThe Duette lenses have a hard contact lens in the center and soft outer lens skirt. This should provide the clear vision of a hard contact lens and the comfort of a soft contact lens.  Almost sounds like an inverse Tootsie pop!

I am a Certified Ophthalmic Technician who is lucky to be working at Dedham Ophthalmic Consultants and Surgeons (or DOCS for short) one of the very few offices in Massachusetts that carry the Duette lenses. Both Dr. Donna Valentini OD and Dr. Judy Darrow OD do the fittings for these special lenses.  I made my appointment right away so I could try these as soon as possible.

Photo of a basketball and footballBut first, a brief explanation of the shape of eyes that I tell my patients. Your eyes come in two shapes: a basketball shape and a football shape (the astigmatic shape). The basketball shaped eye is completely round and has the same prescription 365 degrees around. On the other hand, the football shaped eye when looking at it nose on, is not completely round, but more ovoid shaped. Therefore, it’s prescription is not the same 365 degrees around.  Rather it is clearest at the axis where the seams come together. Any where on the leathers the vision is blurry. I have the pleasure of having one basketball and one football shaped eye, so fitting me for contact lenses can be a challenge.

The Duette lens, like the RGPs, can turn football eyes into basketball eyes, giving the crisp vision that hard lenses can provide.

The fitting itself can take some time because you’re trying to find the best fit for your eyes so that the front of your eye will conform properly to the lens.  The doctor will fill the fitting contact lens with water and a yellow dye.  You will then need to bend your head forward so that your face is parallel to the floor. The doctor then puts the contact on your eye.  This minimizes any air bubbles in the lens. This can be a harrowing experience for those who have never worn contact lenses before nor have had anyone come at their eyes with something in hand.  But stay still, relax, and keep your eyes wide open to ease the process. It’ll be over before you know it. (Note: Do not wear any eye make up, white clothing, or any outfit you like to a Duette fitting. There is a lot of yellow dye and water involved that may get on your clothes and you do not want any residual eye make up to go underneath the lens.)  Once the contact lens is in the doctor will check how the dye pattern is under a blue light. Adjustments to the fit can be made if the the lens is too steep or flat.

Removal of the lens is fairly simple. It’s alot like taking out a soft lens, but without all the flexibility.  First make sure your fingers are DRY.  Then put your index and thumb together. Place the two near the bottom of the hard lens where the soft lens skirt should be, pinch and pull up and out. (See update 01/12/13 at bottom of post for another way to take the Duette lens out.)

The prescription of the fitting lens is set at -3.00D. Once a proper fit has been determined the prescription needs to be found. The doctor will you put you behind the big eyeglasses with the spinning dials and lenses called a phoropter and according to your responses will find the appropriate prescription.  Then the lenses are ordered and you wait breathlessly for the call that the Duettes are in.  Whaaaaat? I told you I was excited about these things!

During my fitting exam with Dr. Valentini my left eye was giving me the most trouble.  I could feel the hard lens on my eye with or without blinking.  It could be because that’s the football eye, but I don’t remember for sure, but it’s easy to assume.   But just like when I got my first pair of contacts at age 11 I was determined.  I also knew that I have been a soft contact lens wearer for 22 years, so anything thicker than that my eyes and lids will definitely notice. It got to the point in the exam that I was putting the Duettes in and taking them out myself!

Unlike the left eye, the fit for the right eye was cake. First fit was very comfortable. So we decided to try the same fit in the left eye. It was a tolerable discomfort. After a few more tries with other fits we went with the comfortable fit in the right eye and the tolerable discomfort in the left. She put the order in and I waited….and waited….and waited.

After the third day of waiting my contacts arrived! My coworker didn’t even have time to check them in before I had the vials out and the contact lenses in my eyes!   What I first noticed was that the overhead lights had flares coming down from them. Possibly from the junction of the hard and soft points. Also my peripheral vision was blurred.  But I knew it would just take time for my brain to register the new visual information and make the necessary visual adjustments. Brains are cool like that.

I wore my new lenses all day and late into the night. Like I said it was a tolerable discomfort. It felt like two huge contact lenses in my eyes, which comparatively speaking, there were.  It felt like my eyes were dry, but not really. When I blinked I could feel my lids go over the lenses. A very strange feeling which you don’t get with regular soft lenses.

The next day, I noticed that words on signs seemed more distinct. Same with words on posters in the office when standing at a far distance.  That morning I couldn’t even feel the lens in my right eye and by late afternoon I couldn’t feel it in my left eye either! Whoo-hoo!  The flare from the overhead lights was still there, but that didn’t bother me. No trouble with vision when outside in the sunlight. My peripheral vision seemed to have been corrected since it was not noticeable any more.

Unfortunately, on the third day, since my eyes conformed to the lenses I started noticing a slight blur in my left eye. When I looked in the mirror I noticed a dry spot on my lens. I took it out, wet it, put it back on my eye, blinked a few times and the spot came back. It was like a bad wiper on a windshield that misses a spot. My lid was not touching that part of the lens whenever I blinked. Boo. So that may mean that I will have to go down to a flatter curve.

Duette lens with vialI really do like the Duettes and if I can find a good fit for my left eye I would continue to use them. The Duettes come in a pair of vials and get disposed of every six months. They correct basketball eyes from -12.00D to +4.00D and football eyes +/-6.00D (this is the second number in your prescription)

Calculating the cost for me between the Duettes and my regular contacts it works out that the Duettes cost a few dollars more per month.  The fitting for the Duettes is a little more expensive, but because it’s such a unique lens, I feel that it is worth the cost.  All offices may charge a different fee so please contact them to get the current fitting cost.  If you’re in the Dedham, MA area and interested in being fit for the Duette lenses, feel free to call DOCS at 781-251 2222.

Just remember that they may be uncomfortable when you first get them, but wear them and give them a few days for your eyes to conform and your brain to adjust and you may just like them very much.

Right now I’m back in my soft contact lenses and my vision is slightly blurry. I may have just been spoiled but will have to wait until the new Duettes lenses are sent to me to be sure. I will update accordingly.

Also I read on the SynergEyes website that they are coming out with a multifocal version.  So that should be interesting! :)  If you have them, please comment! I would like to hear how well these work out.

E Rating (1 E= meh, 5 Es = Eenae Endorsed): Even if they don’t work for me I would still give it EEEEE. 11/24/11 update: Due to recent comments I think that I have to downgrade E Rating of  the Duettes to EEE. It looks like the Duettes are still a work/fit in progress.

08/29/12 update: It’s been a year since I wrote this post and I’ve just finally gotten my refit with my Duettes.  I hope to receive them on Friday and try them for the long weekend.  I’ll update accordingly. Let’s hope they work out! :)  Also a few of my coworkers tried the new Duette Multifocals. I will get their opinions and let you know.

Thank you for all of your experience. In fact, because of you this post is the top search find on Google.  Even the Duette rep noticed! So please keep the comments coming.

09/04/12 update:  My Duettes came in and I tried them.  They felt like really thick pieces of plastic in my eyes.  But I know that’s normal as my eyes got settled into them.  My vision was clear when I stood still.  However, the initial flare from overhead lights was noticeable again where the junction of the hard and soft lens met and when I started walking I found myself blinking alot, as if the air hitting the contact lens was drying out the lens fast.  Mind you, the office I work in tends to be on the drier side. The contacts were still in the tolerable discomfort stage.

I wore the Duettes for about 10 hours.  By hour 7 I could not feel the right one anymore, it settled in quite nicely.   The left one was still giving me trouble like before.  It felt as if there was a constant eyelash under my top lid and it felt thick and annoying.  I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and had to take it out.  I’ve tried it a couple of times more, but again, too uncomfortable to stay in my eye for long.

So I’m back in limbo until our next fitting at the end of the month with the guy who is alleged to be the ultimate Duette fitter.  Let’s hope he can find a better fit for my left eye.

09/06/12: One of my coworkers tried her Duettes, said it took her a few hours to get used to and now she’s wearing them comfortably ALL DAY!!  Lucky.  And she says that the vision is sharp and clear.  So jealous.  But that means it does work for some people.

01/12/13 Removal tip update:  A patient of mine whom I was giving a Duette instruction taught me a great tip regarding removal. She had previously worn hard, RGPS, and soft contact lenses.

Open eyes wide, pull up on corner of eye towards temple, then blink.  This should pop the lens out.  Please let me know if this works for you!


  1. Janice says:

    These lenses for me are the “best thing since sliced bread” and I love mine! Having worn hard, then gas permeable, lenses for 40+ years, I was not quite willing to give up contacts when advised that I really needed progressive lenses glasses. I discovered Synergeyes from researching on the Internet. I am into my third year and have just switched to the newest Duette lenses which are supposed to give a little clearer vison that the originals. Being used to hard lenses, mine were comfortable from day one. Never having worn soft contacts, I can understand that there might be an adjustment period for those used to soft lenses. In short, I highly recommend these multifocal (probably the astigmatism ones as well) lenses.

    • Andy hiller says:

      Don’t give up on the duettes yet, eenae–they can work. And that comes from a contact lenses wearer of more than forty years…a veteran of hard, soft, rgp, and multi focal lenses. For me, the duettes do exactly what they promise to: combine the comfort of soft with the precision vision of hard. I can wear them all day but, to be truthful, I don’t find removal to be as easy as you describe. I’ve learned it’s important to stress the pulling away movement when squeezing the lens, and to keep your hands as dry as possible.

  2. Pat says:

    I am on my fourth fitting of the Multifocal Duette lenses. With each new pair, I suffer through days of discomfort similar to what Eenae discribed as her day one experience in her initial review above. The pair I received yesterday was the most uncomfortable of all. Also, they have never been able to make an adjustment that gives any satisfactory distance vision which makes driving difficult. I have worn multifocal lenses for about 15 years and never had any problems with any brand. Of course they were soft lenses. Suggestions please.

    • Eenae says:

      Thanks for the comment and letting us all know. I’m sorry that you haven’t gotten a good fit yet. It is such a new product I’m sure all the doctors are still trying to find the best way to fit everyone. Please continue to update me in your progress to finding the right fit!

  3. JMF says:

    I am wearing a trial pari now for the past 1 week. I have been wearing them all day but haveto take them out after work as my eyes get real irrritated. I am still feeling the lens on my eye and at time feel like there is dust or something on the lens. I have tried using wetting drops but it doesn’t help. My visionis great and musch better than the soft contact lens but if the confort level doesn’t inprove i will not continue with these lens. I have been wearing contants for 20+ years so i am suprised i am not getting used to them already. I am wonder if my eye make-up is getting on the lens or they are more sensitive for attracting dirt. I wear the same amount of eye make-up as i did with the soft lens and have never had this kind of issue. I also find that the care for these lens a a hassle with the over night cleaning and rinsing of at least 6 hours. I don’t like that you cannot just pop them out and put them in a contact case. If you are out all night and you have to go to work in the am you can’t just put themin your eyes and go as they have to go the peroxicde of 6 hours and if you take them out early they say it will burn your eyes.

    Overall, i am not sold on these contacts!

    • Cathie says:

      JMF–You do not have to use that 6-hour over night cleaning system for these lenses. That is an option, but you can also just use cleaning solution and regular lense case, although you do have to take them out every night. I was just fitted for these lenses and am trying them out. My eye doctor told me about the two different cleaning systems and I chose the “non” 6 hour way.

  4. Cathie says:

    At age 52, I am trying contact lenses for the first time. I never had vision problems until I got older and needed reading glasses, then progressed to eventually needing progressive tri-focal glasses. I was recently fitted for the multifocal Duettes. This is the third day I am wearing them. After the first two days, I decided that the tech who gave them to me and showed me how to use them may have mixed up the one for the left and right eye, so last night and today I switched them and I think my vision is better, although the left eye is not as good as the right. The right eye seems perfect, but I can feel the lense in the left eye. My vision overall is still blurry for reading. The doc said my brain and eyes would adjust and this would get better, but they may need to adjust the prescription. The “halo” effect of lights at night is very distracting. I hope that goes away, otherwise, I don’t think I will be able to wear these for driving. So, the jury is still out for me and contacts.

  5. Pat says:

    I am now on my 5th pair and this fit is better now that they have moved from steep to ‘flat.’ My distance vision is still not good, but at least this fit is more comfortable. The better fit has improved the scratchy, gritty discomfort which I experienced with the other four pair. Now all I need to do is get the distance vision corrected. It has been a long two months, but thankfully no one is giving up, certainly not me ‘yet.’

  6. Matt says:

    I started out with Synergeyes A’s in Dec 2009 and switched to Duette’s in Apr-2011. The A’s gave me spectacular vision, but I always had slight discomfort in my left eye despite multiple fittings. I thought that switching to the Duette would resolve this since they are supposed to be more comfortable and have better oxygen transmission. Well, after 7 months I barely wear the Duettes and have mostly switched to eyeglasses. I can only tolerate the left lens for perhaps 4-5 hours before I feel the need to reach up with my finger and displace it slightly to try and keep it from turning into a suction cup on my eye. They are most definitely NOT as comfortable as a soft lens despite what Synergeyes advertises. The are definitely not a ‘magic bullet’ for me and I am now trying to decide if I should simply abandon them altogether.

    • Eenae says:

      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for your input. This seems to be the going consensus. I’m wondering if anyone else out there has had a good experience with them? Please keep the input coming, good or bad! Let me know what you end up deciding to do. I have still not gone back for the fittings. Still hanging out with my soft lenses as well. – Eenae

      • Mary says:

        I have been a synergeyes wearer for about five years. I even participated in a clinical trial for comfort. I love my duettes. However I too have experienced some issues with my newest supply. There is a constant spot on them I have had to resort to old cleaning methods to remove the spots only to have them return within minutes of insertion. I read these reviews and see that everyone seems to be blaming fit while I think it’s the new material. I have cleaned my lenses three times this morning already and it’s only 8:30. This after changing my skin care products and discontinued using Systane. These lenses are far more comfortable than my last Rx but only as long as I keep them spot free. I hope Synergeyes discovers the solution to the problem as I’m ready to go back to the older material. I don’t have time to keep cleaning, I’ll wear the lenses out from rubbing before my six months is up. Does anyone know where to buy saline by the gallon?

        • Sherri says:

          I just received my Duettes in January 2013 and just like the other customers I love them…initially.But now after my second pair in a month you are right. Today and yesterday have been the worst days. They get a smudge or “something” on the lenses and I have had to clean them every 30 minutes… THIS HAS BEEN PAIN! I love the lenses but they are not worth this hassle. I’m over forty and can read beautifully with these lenses if my vision can stay clear. SynergEyes needs to fix this!!!! I’m going back to my RGPs until they fix this.

          • Eenae Tam says:

            I appreciate your Comment! I talked to Dr. Valentini and she said to try cleaning it with ClearCare ( this is a special hydrogen peroxide soak that needs to have the contact lenses in the vial for a minimum of 6 hours). Then rinse and fill Duettes with a preservative free saline solution.
            Please let me know if this solves the situation.

          • Jennifer says:

            I am having the same problems with these contacts. They feel great but I have had to replace these almost 3 times already in less than a year. I have stopped using oily eye makeup remover because I had read that if your eyes get “oily” it can stick to the contacts. On my 2nd pair I have tried to keep them as clean as possible, using the ClearCare every night but keeping these contacts clean seems almost impossible! I use Lobob eye cleaner every other day as well.

            If you have any other suggestions as to how to fully clean these contacts, please please let me know! I am desperate as these are expensive to keep replacing.

          • Eenae Tam says:

            Hi Jennifer, in response, try using a preservative free saline solution after the ClearCare. Also BioTrue is recommended by Synergeyes to use as well. Let me know if this helps. – E

          • Niccole says:

            I am so glad to find this site and see that others are having problems with cloudy/white film or spots on their Duette’s! I have just about had it with mine!! I wore the A’s for four years before this and never had a problem. I have faithfully used Clear Care and rinsed with a preservative free saline solution (very expensive!!) I take them out 8-10 times a day to clean them and it just comes right back. It is so frustrating! My eye doctor contacted the company and they said 6% of wearers experience this. The new recommendation from them is to try Sof Pro Cleaner by Lobob to clean them a couple times a day and this should clear it up. It is expensive cleaner and I have only found it online. I did find it at one online store for $7.50 for a 2 oz. bottle, about half the price of other stores. I am waiting for it to arrive. I really hope it works!!!! I am ready to give up on these contacts. They are too much hassle, time and MONEY in products and cleaners by the gallon!!!

          • Karen Blesch says:

            Please see my post on Clear Care on March 22. You can ruin your lenses with it. (It has something to do with heavy protein depositors and/or tear chemistry in some patients I think.)

            I was told by my eye doctor who got info from Synergeyes that Sof Pro Cleaner can remove the coating on the lens. So be careful and don’t use it very often. Certainly not daily according to what they told me.

            I just started having fogging with my lenses and Synergeyes says I need to use Unizyme to regularly clean protein off the lenses. This makes sense to me because I always had to do this with my RGP’s. However, I was not given the approval to use Unizyme until I started having trouble. Luckily, they are now replacing my lenses with this new care schedule.

          • Jennifer says:

            I am using Sof Pro Cleaner now and it helped at first but now the film has returned full force. (I’d be scared to use this more than once a day) My contacts look clean when i put them on but when I remove them I can see a film that just can’t seem to be washed off. Are the Unizymes safe for these contacts? I am thinking about going back to RGB’s at this point. These contacts are high maintenance!

          • Karen Blesch says:

            I noticed conflicting posts here about SofPro. I emailed Synergeyes and they told me that both SofPro & SofPro 2 for silicone hydrogel lenses had been approved for daily use. Both Walgreens and CVS make an Extra Strength Cleaner for soft lenses that is also approved.

            I am currently wearing pair of lenses I’ve had for 6 weeks. I have been able to keep them clean with the Purilens system so far. PLEASE check it out at http://www.purilens.com. You can try it for two weeks for FREE. It is also on Amazon. You MUST use Purilens solution in the machine, which is ultrasonic. This takes the place of enzyming! It really does!

            I also found out that these lenses are silicone hydrogel, and are prone to lipid deposits (which causes the film) and that a cleaner with ALCOHOL is needed to clean them. This would be Sof Pro 2 (there is a difference).

            I will keep you updated on whether this continues to work.

          • Jennifer says:

            Hi Karen,

            Are you supposed to use the PuriLens everyday? Also, without the Clear Care what do you use to “clean” the lens? Just BioTrue? I am definitely willing to try the PuriLens. At this point, I would try everything. Thanks for the suggestion!

          • Harry Myhre says:

            I just use bio true to clean.

          • Karen Blesch says:

            The Purilens system is used daily and has a UV light which disinfects. It takes the place of Clear Care and enzyming. It is approved for soft and RGP lenses, but the company will tell you that they don’t know about using it on Synergeyes. I just asked my eye doctor first. The cost of buying their solutions is much less than buying Clear Care. If you use only Purilens solutions, your unit is guaranteed for life.

            I clean first with either Bausch & Lomb Daily Cleaner or SofPro 2. I sometimes run the Purilens unit twice, but I let the light bulb cool down completely before running again. I am a heavy protein depositor and so far protein buildup has not been a factor as in the past.

            Unizyme is an approved enzymatic cleaner but I find it leaves a film on my lenses that must be scrubbed off with Sof Pro 2. The advantage of Purilens is that it uses no chemicals and is not irritating to the eyes. (And the fact that it removes protein. Lipids must be removed with SofPro 2. Not just SofPro. You can also use Walgreens or CVS Extra Strength Daily Cleaner.)

            I rinse and insert my lenses with BioTrue or with Purilens solution. If I have any fogging or stickiness while wearing my lenses I use Blink n Clean drops.

            I am very hopeful that this will be my answer. So far my lenses are clear, clean, and very comfortable. Hope this helps.

          • Andy says:

            Is Biotrue approved for use on both cleaning and insertion? I thought I read somewhere that Biotrue was not recommended to be used as on insertion.

          • Eenae Tam says:

            Hi Andy, currently the optometrist I work with recommends using Unisol saline solution for insertion and ClearCare for cleaning. Please let me know of this combination works for you.

            – Eenae

          • Alecia says:

            I’m having all the same issues keeping my Duettes clean as described here. The only thing I haven’t tried yet is the Purilens system. Karen, is this system still working well for you? Have any other Duette wearers had success with this system?

          • Karen Blesch says:

            The Purilens System IS WORKING FOR ME! It is a MIRACLE cleaner that only uses their saline solution and works on both hard and soft lenses. My eye doctor is so impressed that she is recommending it for all her Synereyes patients. I have not talked to anyone else who is using it and the Purilens company will tell you they don’t know of any Synergeyes patients who are using it. But take it from me, it works great. There is no risk because you can use it for 2 weeks and if you don’t like it you can return it. It is warranted for life so when it breaks down, just call them and they’ll send you a new one. It makes such a difference that reviewers on Amazon say they keep a spare machine on hand in case of breakdown. They are not willing to go even 1 day without their machines. I absolutely agree with them. See my post of Sept 26th for my complete care regimen.


  7. Sanku Mallik says:

    I have been trying the Duette Multifocal for a week now. They are very comfortable and my eyes are not tired even after 12 hours of wearing. Near and intermediate vision are very good. However, distant vision is just horrible, especially during the day. I cannot drive with these lenses as I cannot read the street names and the road signs! It improves at night! This is probably due to the optical design of the lens, with the center correcting the near vision. In bright sunlight, as the pupil shrinks, eyes are seeing through the center and the distance vision is not acceptable! I am thinking of trying the regular Duette and a pair of reading glasses. Any suggestions??

    • Eenae says:

      It seems like you’re very comfortable wearing the lenses in general. So try the regular Duettes and see if that gives you the precision you are looking for for distance. However, keep in mind that if you do a lot of computer work you will be missing out on the intermediate distance. The reading glasses will only help with near vision (16″ or closer). Think about getting a bifocal? (Intermediate/Near). Let me know what you decide to do and what your visual results end up being! Thanks for your comment! – Eenae, COA

  8. Bonnie says:

    I have been wearing the Duette Multifocal contact lens for one week now. I was told that my vision is 20/20 with them, but I am still having a problem with closeup and computer. My eye doctor gave me mild reading glasses (cheaters) to help the closeup but it is still not good. I am still trying to understand what is wrong with these lens. When I am outside in bright daylight everything is very clear and my distance vision is great. But as soon as I come in the house or in a store, everything looks hazy to me. It is not clear at all. Does anyone know what causes this? As far as comfort I have not had any real discomfort. I am wearing them anywhere from 12 to 16 hours a day.

  9. Pat says:

    I have now been wearing this 5th pair since Nov 19 and the distance vision has not improved. I am experiencing the same problems as Bonnie, and I find it dangerous to wear them while driving at night.

  10. Bonnie says:

    Aenae maybe you can shed some light for me about the Duette Multifocal contacts. I have just completed my second week of wearing these contacts but I am not sure I am going to stay with them. One thing I noticed, and beleive me, at first I thought I was crazy until I asked two of my sons at different times to look closely at my eyes and tell me what color they are. My eyes have always been very dark brown, but when I take these lens out at the end of the day, my eyes are a dark green. Is this possible???? Also, the comfort level this week has been anything but good. They also stick so hard to my eyes that when I finally do get them out my eyes are all bloodshot. Is anyone else having this problem?

    • Eenae says:

      Wow I’ve never heard of color changing contact lenses. Interesting. Has anyone out there in the WWW had this experience? Hmmm I would love to change my poo brown eyes to something more colorful! :)

      As for the contacts sticking to your eyes and making them bloodshot, sounds to me like the skirt of the lens is too tight and not letting enough oxygen in. I would definitely contact your eye doctor and have them adjust the skirt or base curve so as not to suffocate your eyeball. Good luck! Let me know how it goes.

      • Bonnie says:

        Thanks. I have an eye drs. appointment this Tuesday and will let you know how I make out.

        • Eenae says:


          How did your eye appointment go? – Eenae

          • Bonnie says:

            Eenae, it went very well….but I have given up on the Duette Multifocal lens. They just did not do what they said they would do. I still had to wear reading glasses (cheaters) with them and even that was not real clear. The comfort level was not great either. I wore them for 2 entire weeks before giving up. But there is good news. I am now wearing Cooper Proclear disposable lens with stronger reading (cheaters) glasses and I cannot believe how good I can see. There is no more blurry vision indoors. This is my second day with them and I am extremely happy with them. The only thing I have not tried yet, is driving at night. Hopefully it will not be too bad. I was really greatful to find this forum on the Duettes and want to thank you for all your insight.

      • mary says:

        I had the same problem getting the lenses out of my eyes. It was so bad one day that my eyes were bloodshot and sore. I could not put a lens in for 2 days. My doctor said I was pushing too hard. She said to try a lighter hand and feel for where the hard edge meets the soft part and squeeze right there. It was easier when I did it her way.

  11. Janice says:

    Afer wearing the Durette multifocal lens for almost 2 weeks, I am finally giving up. If I had great or even good vision I would continue to try. I am a nures and starting IVs in out of the question. My close up vision is terrible and distance is worse. I can’t read road signs while driving. They are not very comfortable either. Sorry to be so negative but I was so in hopes this was my answer for close up and distance correction. Seeing the doctor in a few days. Maybe we can try something else.

    • Eenae says:

      Hi Janice,

      Please do not feel bad about your comment. People who are trying these out or are going through the process want to know that they’re not the only ones that feel discomfort or are not seeing as expected. I appreciate you writing about the multifocal. And it’s too bad these contacts are not getting the vision that the company or consumers are hoping for. And since you’re a nurse, seeing where to insert the IVs I would guess might be an important thing! :)

      Good luck. Please keep us informed in what you decide to try next and whether it works better for you.

      – Eenae

  12. Jim Franklin says:

    I sent my prior post without proofing, so resending: I have a very flat cornea with a very irregular cornea in one eye. The flat is from RK and as I was very nearsighted the surgery was designed to produce about the maximum flattening. The irregular cornea is due to the number of cuts and their depth from the RK. My eye did not heal properly, causing significant cornea irregularity. Thus, glasses and soft lens will not correct my blurriness. I tried a RGP lens with some success but quit wearing it because I still did not get 20/20 and I could not wear it all day. Do you know of anyone with my “double” RK problem that have tried the new Duette, and if so how it has worked? Thanks

    • Janice says:

      Jim, I also had “double” RK surgery 20+ years ago and highly suspect this is the reason I had no luck with the Duette multifocals. I am hoping we can come up with a better solution than glasses all the time. Good luck.

      • Eenae says:

        Janice and Jim, Have you guys just tried the regular Duettes with some over-the-counter readers or bifocals with Intermediate and Near lenses? – Eenae

    • Eenae says:

      Jim, for your irregular astigmatism due to the RK surgery I hear that SynergEyes makes a contact specifically for that. However, like the Duettes you may have to call around to see who specializes in the fits. Let me know how you do if you manage to get fitted for this type of lens. -Eenae

      • Jim Franklin says:

        I have an appointment Jan 2 with an eyedoctor who fits quite a few difficult cases. Synergy is one of the lens she fits, but she has others she fits also. I will let you know what the result is.

    • julie says:

      Hi Jim,
      I too am a former RK patient (1995) Had good success for several years, then needed readers…then the farsightedness started. My doctor tried an RPG but my cornea is so flat, they would float off, esp. left eye. Very uncomfortable and I could not see. He tried a Synergeyes multi-focal, I’m not sure if he used the one for post RK or just the multi-focal…I can ask. The first pair did not work well vision wise, but he was able to correct the vision issues completely. To be honest I did not think we would be able to achieve both reading and distance, but once he got the rx corrected, I am fine. This is my first full day. As a person who started with the old “hard” lenses, then RGP, then soft, the RK, I’ve done it all. For me, at least, at this point, I’m thrilled. I have no discomfort and I can see. WOW!

  13. Toby says:


    I’ve tried to wear synergeyes A for two years. I know, who would put up with it that long though the reason is that half the time I go around with glasses on the top of my head and pull them down when I have to see.

    My vision is good wearing the lenses with the exception of the left eye often hurts so bad it has to be removed and I still need readers. I also have a vision differrence outside and inside. Also had RK in the early eighties.

    I was going in for a fitting for the new Duettes but now I wonder. Are the patients in your office happy with them.

    Another thing I wonder about is that because I don’t put them on unless I have to (because of comfort and not leaving home early), is that not giving the brain time to get use to them.


    • Eenae says:

      Hey Toby,

      Brain time is more getting used to the vision IF the lenses are comfortable. If you are feeling discomfort no amount of brain time will fix that. Only a proper fit. :)

      If you’ve had RK surgery supposedly there is a SynergEyes lens that allegedly takes care of irregular corneas. I don’t think the Duettes will do that. Discuss with your eye doctor and see if they fit other versions of SynergEyes lenses. If you do try the Duettes please keep me updated on your progress.

      The few patients that I know that have been fitted for the Duettes really liked them. Mr. Hiller being one of them. I will try to get in touch with the others and have them add their positive experiences.

      Thanks for your comment. Please keep me informed of your progress.


  14. Cyn says:

    I”ve been wearing Duettes since September 2011 and am generally pleased with comfort & vision. I have irregular astigmatism in both eyes (almost kerataconus) and was in hydrosoft toric lenses before this and could never tolerate RGP lenses. So maybe my vision expectations were lower than most because I’ve always had issues with lens stability – I’m thrilled to see as crisply as I do (no shadowing) with Duettes .

    The Duettes do dry out and I have to add drops to my eyes before removal. My BIGGEST problem is FOGGING! The left lens fogs up and the only way to clear it is to remove and rinse with saline and GENTLE rubbing (sometimes 4 times a day). I say “gentle rubbing” because I discovered that whatever anti-fog coating they use can be rubbed off, scratched or something. My eye doctor exchanged the lenses twice, and I didn’t realize it in time for the new left lens – the new right lens is fine because I didn’t rub to clean it. I haven’t gotten much advice from the eye doctor and I’m getting the feeling they don’t know what to do about it – they said the company doesn’t know anything about a fogging problem.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Pat says:

      Hey Cyn,
      I am on my 6th pair and have dealt with exactly what you have described with each pair. However, as the fit gets better, the fogging decreases. I am convinced that this is all about the practitioner’s understanding of how to fit the lenses. The practice where I have been fitted actually brought in people with more experience for those of us who are hard to fit. Changing the curve, the skirt, etc have all had an impact on the comfort and vision. I am hoping this final change will work for me. However, no one has ever mentioned anything about an anti-fogging coating. Thanks for sharing, I plan to check on that because I do take my out mid-day to clean them by rubbing with solution to remove the film. They are the one who told me to do that mid-day and at night when I take them out.

      Good luck!

    • carol coash says:

      Cyn- I have had that film develop that is like fog.This develops in one eye at a time. If you take your contact out the film is on the outside. I found that a presciption for Lotamax drops for a week will take that away. That eventually comes back maybe 6 months and start with the drops again.
      I do it twice a day. I have wave gp contacts and have worn for 3 years. I have also had RK
      done 25 years ago.

  15. Terese says:

    I’ve worn the Duette lenses for about 3 months, have worn the SynergEyes for a couple of years prior. From what folks have said here, I seem to be one of the few to actually like them. I have the bi-focal type and it took a couple of fittings to get the lens shape and prescription right, but both near and far vision are quite clear. It took a couple of weeks for the ‘stars’ around lights to disappear. While I was wearing a trial pair, the left lens fogged quite quickly to the point of not being able to see through it at all and I had it replaced and asked my practitioner to send a note to the company, so they do know about this problem. Sadly these lenses (both) are now starting to fog and it is very inconvenient having to take them out and re-clean them a couple of times a day, often without good results. I’m not sure if it is the wettable coating being worn off or something else is going on. When they are clear they are wonderful. Maybe they should go back to the original material and use the process for the Duette multifocal with that material.

    • Cyn says:

      Hi Therese,
      Update on the fogging issue – I have found that the only lens care solution that doesn’t promote fogging is the hydrogen peroxide based system (I’m using Clear Care). I had been using Optifree Replenish (which the company recommended) but it definitely clouded the lenses. The only other solution I’m using is preservative-free saline for rinsing and wetting. I’ve had no fogging since my last comment on January 9. My eye doctor says he will be meeting with a company rep next week. Hopefully they will replace the pair ruined by Replenish so I can get a full Year’s worth of lenses, which I paid for!

      • Paulette says:

        I’ve been working with the Duette multifocal and agree with most of the posts. When they are clear they are amazing. My issue is the fogging and if even an small amount of make up gets on them, it doesn’t matter how much scrubbing the make up spot comes back within a half hour of wearing the next day. I’m going to try the clear care tonight and see if it helps. Has anyone else found a product to remove the make up spots. So far once there’s make up on the lens then I have to take them back in for replacement. I don’t wear an extraordinary amount of make up but the lenses seem very sensitive to what I do wear.

        • Eenae Tam says:

          Hi Paulette, Is the problem a dry spot? or is there discoloration from make up? Because when I was trying them I was definitely getting a dry spot and it wouldn’t rewet no matter how many times I tried. This is due to a lid not going over the lens properly so you may need to be refit. Synergeyes has told us to stop using the ClearCare and instead to use the B&L BioTrue multipurpose solution. Please let me know if any of this was any help. Keep in touch! Thanks – Eenae

  16. julie says:

    I was just fitted with the multi-focal (with astigmatism). I had RK in 1995, good vision for several years, then needed readers. Recently became very farsighted, one of the long term effects of RK.

    We tried RPG’s—would not work or stay on. Tried the Synergeyes Multi-focal. The first pair was pretty comfortable but I could not see. My OD worked with me on the RX and I got the new pair yesterday. I can see near… I can see far…. I do not feel contacts in my eyes! I’m not sure which exact Synergeyes lenses I have. I know they are multi-focal and also for astigmatism. These babies are great!

  17. Amy S. Bannerman says:

    I had RK, and have been in gas perm multifocal (modified monovision) for years, with readers and computer glasses as needed, and was hoping that the Duettes would take care of my distance, computer and near vision. After the second trial pair, I realized that I would still need to do a modified monovision, which is what my third pair is. I do not have sharp distance vision with my distance eye, and when I read with my other eye, the print is “smeared”, not sharp. Computer vision is difficult, as well. They are fairly comfortable, but I’m going to have to go back to my old GPs if I really want to see clearly. Very disappointed.

  18. julie says:

    Still doing well with the Synergeyes Multi-focal. No discomfort, can wear all day. if contact had been this comfortable in 1994, I would not have had RK.. Ah, woulda-coulda-shoulda. Overall, my sight is much improved, both distance and close up.

  19. Pat says:

    After 7th pair, I am giving up. I have been using the Clear Care solution and still dealing with fogging issues after a few hours and vision is still not good. I think it is just my eyes because they have been wonderful trying to make every adjustment possible. Great concept if they work for you. Good luck everyone who is in the process.

    • Cyn says:

      Just a thought Pat… I was also ready to give up in frustration but then I discovered that re-wetting eye drops and saline with preservatives fogged the lenses too. I make sure there is no cream or oily residue on my hands before touching the lenses and before inserting I actually put a few drops of preservative free saline (Unisol) directly into my eyes as well to clear away any residual eye makeup remover from the night before. And don’t rub the lenses – it definitely has to do with some kind of coating, so once they start fogging start with a fresh pair since there is no reversing the damage. Didn’t think I would be a fan after such a rocky start with these contacts!

      • julie says:

        I also use basic saline and rinse them really well with saline before putting them in. So far, no fogging issues and very comfortable all day long. Crossing fingers that this fit is “the one”.

  20. Amy S. Bannerman says:

    Did anyone return their Duettes and get charged a restocking fee? I tried, unsuccessfully, 3 different pairs and Synergeyes charged a $50 restocking charge each time for a total of $150! I “discussed” this with the Contact Lens manager and she “discussed” it with my doctor (or so she said) and I guess the clinic paid the restocking charge. I saw on my credit card that I got full credit, minus the fitting fee. Very frustrating, especially because the Synergeyes rep was the one who actually did the contact lens fitting in the first place and I could not see clearly out of them.

  21. julie says:

    I had one pair sent back, no re-stocking fee…. I’m totally happy with fit and vision. I believe that I have the Synergeyes PS which are a full custom fit, and are multi-focal. I was never told of a re-stocking fee, only that I had 30 days. I knew right away that the first pair was not right, my Doc changed the RX and within a few days I had the new ones.

  22. Janice says:

    Just an update, After 3 attempts with Duette still poor near and far vision (and not comfortable) I am trying soft PureVision lenses. Pretty good distance vision but not so good near vision. My doctor wants me to use these for a few days then will work on near vision. These lenses are very comfortable. I have not heard anything about a re-stocking fee from Duette. I will be very upset if this happens.

    • Sanku says:

      I have been using the Duette Multifocals for more than a month now. Proper fitting requires the hand of an experienced eye doctor. It took about 3-4 trials before getting the lens parameters right. Once the optimal parameters were found, the Multifocals are great. They give me excellent near and intermediate visions with very good distant vision. I wear them for 12 – 14 hours and still do not feel the lenses! I also opted for the Duette single vision lenses for weekend hiking and other explorations. The single visions give truly “WOW” quality distant vision (the near vision is poor).

      It is very important to get the proper fit for these lenses; otherwise the vision is not good or the lenses are uncomfortable. It may be worth going to another eye doctor for the fitting.

  23. Dawn says:

    I just started wearing the Duette Mulitfocals yesterday! I appreciate all the imput on this site, but have one question. My doctor told me to fill up the lense with solution before putting it in my eye. I have very sensative eyes, and have already switched solution to one that doesn’t burm as much. I was wondering if everyone fills the contact with solution before inserting? And could I fill with saline instead of multipurpose stuff? ( okay so I had two questions!!)

  24. Yolanda Quintero says:

    Hi all,
    I’ve been wearing Synergeyes MF for about a year. I have slight astigmatism and presbyopia. I previously tried RGP, mono-vision and soft, but either were too uncomfortable, or didn’t get adequate correction. The SMF have done quite well as far as comfort and clarity. I only use the 6hr cleaning and plain sterile saline for rinsing and inserting. At first I had “fogging” problems, which is most likely protein buildup, then I tried a product called “Blink-N-Clean” after clearing it with my eye doc. It can be used up to 4X daily. It has totally solved my “fogging” problem.It’s more than a wetting solution, it actually cleans also. I wear my contacts for about 17 hrs daily. I have noticed that if I am tired, I get much more blurring or doubling than when I am rested. I assume my brain is less able to choose the proper image if it is tired. Also, if I skip a day wearing them, my brain has more trouble with choosing the right image. My computer vision is still not optimum though, so I was considering trying the Duette MF this year. I am disappointed in the bad experiences so many folks are having with them. I’m almost afraid to try them now.

  25. Oly says:

    I am on my second fitting and picking up a right eye new lense tonight of the Duette multifocal lenses. I’m so happy with the feel of these lenses compared to the RGPs I’ve worn for over 20 yrs, that I’m willing to keep trying with these. I may resort back to the monovision astigmatic correction lenses since my distance vision is a priority for me. I am doing fine with these multifocals with computer and reading distance, but I can’t stand not being able to have my distance vision which is about 50% right now. Not good enough to read street signs and drive in the dark. I also have lots of protein buildup with any lense and use “Blink & Clean” regularly as the 6 hr. cleaning solution overnight. The solution turns into saline after sitting overnight so the lenses are pretty much ready to insert with more saline as necessary.

  26. Linda says:

    I have Pellucid Marginal Cornal Degeneration and my regular eye Dr. recommend a Dr. that specalized in this type of problem. I went two weeks ago and was fitted for SynergEyes lenses – not sure what type. I was just notified they are in and I am going to pick them up Thursday evening. I can’t wait to try them out and am so glad I found this board. Hopefully the lenses will be good and I will not have any of the fogging problem that so many talk about here. I am joining up so I can learn all new info on these lenses.

  27. Linda says:

    Want follow up so I am posting again.

  28. Jeri Wise says:

    I have keratoconus in my left eye and I think I have tried everything on both eyes. My Eye Dr. recommended these and said that he had had a lot of success with other people who also have the “K”. So far, when I got home from the ED yesterday I was ready to send them back, but I took them out and washed them and let my eyes rest for about a half hour and then put them in again. I was able to go to school and took them out again about 10 PM. This morning I was leery because I needed to get up at 4:30 and put them in again. They were OK initially, but now my eyes feel extremely tired!!! I don’t think I can feel them per se, but my eyes are irritated.

  29. ronaldklen says:

    nice article..

  30. JB says:

    Duettes were awful for me. I tried them for 1-1/2 weeks and finally gave up. I find that having to use SO much solution to fill the lens bowl is a big problem. I have many allergies and the more Renu or BioTrue solution I have to use, the more residue/white stuff/irritation I get with my eyes.

    As for the Duettes themselves, they were still awful. Vision wasn’t bad, but I had a terrible time removing them from my eyes. I was extremely careful, but they’re so hard to get out that my eyes were really red and irritated and I ended up with scratched corneas and broken blood vessels. That was when I gave up and took them back to the optometrist. I just went through two months of contact lens trials starting with softs and working up to Duettes. After all of these attempts, however, I have just gone back to my rigid gas permeable lenses. I stopped wearing them years ago due to dry eyes, but have since discovered that my dry eyes may have been due to certain vitamins, medications, and/or facial cleansers. Since stopping those, I haven’t had nearly the dry eye problems I used to have and have been able to wear my RGPs much longer than in the past.

    I did read everyone’s comments before ever trying Duettes and it was very helpful. Based on other poster’s difficulties, I didn’t make the mistake of getting my hopes up when the doctor suggested these. But, I wouldn’t ever try them again or recommend them. Digging in your eye like that just can’t be healthy in the long-term.

  31. Erik says:

    Incredible. I just read through all of these comments and I notice an insane trend of terrible comfort in left eyes/lenses. This is my problem as well.
    I am on my first week of ‘trying’ these lenses, Although I was not given a trial fitting. My doctor just ordered my lenses– it took 5 WEEKS!! before they finally came in. At first they burned my eyes and were terribly scratchy and uncomfortable.
    I have astigmatism in both eyes although left is worse. I’ve been wearing soft contacts (Acuvue Oasis most recently) for the past 10 years or so. Never tried RGP’s and can’t say I’d want to now.

    At first I could instantly tell the difference in clarity. These contacts are much better for clarity compared to the often frustrating soft contacts and their tendency to ‘stick’ in an incorrect position after blinking, then slowly rotate back to the weighted bottom where my astigmatism would be corrected and I could see clearly.

    Comfort however, is Horrible! I can’t believe any advertisement would try to claim these as being anything close to the comfort of a soft contact. With soft contacts I never even noticed they were in my eyes unless they started to dry out. With these every blink feels like sand in my eyes, like I’m scratching my corneas. My right eye becomes bearable after a short while and I soon forget that its in. My left eye I can barely leave in for more than a few hours before I have to take it out, soak it, and reinsert. Eye drops are a joke because they do not re-wet between the cornea and inside of the lens…they only re-wet the outside of the lens.

    ..I have a follow up appointment Wednesday morning which I will let them know that the left eye needs to change or these contacts must go. At first I was thinking perhaps I have dry eyes and that’s the scratchiness and red-eye that I’m experiencing. Now after reading this article I feel that perhaps this is the nature of the beast and we are all Synergeyes’ guinea pigs…

    • Eenae says:

      Hi Erik,

      I am concerned that you were not properly fit with some trial sets first before your doctor ordered the actual contacts. I know some of our pts have had to come in to tweak their fit before they found something that was comfortable. And again time is needed for your eyes to form to the shape of the lens.

      Please keep me informed of your progress.

      – Eenae

  32. julie says:

    julie here again… I was fitted in January with the Synergies “custom” multi-focal. The first fit was fine, but I couldn’t see. (so not really fine 😉 My doc did some changes to the RX and I have to say that these are great. If contact lenses had been like this, I would have never had the RK in back in 1994 which ultimately caused flattening the of the cornea. I can wear them all day, every day. When I have a problem, there is something on the lens. Pop it out, re-clean and it is good to go.
    I use the clear care cleaning system, but always rinse with saline before inserting (a habit from the good old days).

    My doctor has told me that these don’t work for everyone. However, his patience and persistence in working on a good fit and prescription have made me a happy girl. I hope more folks have positive experiences and can work with a physician trained with the Synergies system. Good Luck!

  33. Willa says:

    I went in today to try to get fitted for the Duette multifocal and was not able to get them. I could not see clear out of my left eye. My dr was very patient and tried everything. The fit was perfect and did to bother me but when I had to look at the chart no matter what he did with my left eye I could not see clearly far away or close up. My right eye was ok. Has anyone had this problem? I wish I could go without glasses. I am 69 years old and did not have to wear glasses until I was in my 50’s. Any suggestions?

  34. Sue says:

    I am almost done with my first week of Duette multifocal (with astigmatism). A lot of the issues in the postings sound familiar. My left eye is the most uncomfortable one for some reason. My close vision is pretty good, but distance is poor. I have a lot of scratchiness like sand in my eyes, mainly when I bliink. The company rep was there for the first fitting and he and the dr. both said the fit looked good. I also had a LOT of trouble taking the lenses out at first, it felt like I had to dig them out of my eye. My eyes were really red all the time. But just recently feel like I got the hang of it better. It seems I had been pulling on the rigid center of the lense, but now I have figured out to pinch on the soft skirt more to release the suction effect and when I do that they pop right off. I go in for a check up in about 8 days and am hoping maybe they can adjust the fit to get more comfort and better distance vision. I would love to be able to wear these.

  35. melhogue says:

    I had RK surgery in 1995 and am now faced with far-sightedness in close and distant vision. I have tried bifocal glasses, monovision contacts, and many different types of soft contacts, but the duettes give me the clearest distant vision. I am very excited about that. I have resigned myself to wearing reading glasses because I have been through so much time and expense in trying to get both right. If I can get the duettes to work, I might consider multifocal duettes later. Here’s my problem. My left eye is great, but my right eye is not comfortable. Sometimes, I can wear them for 4-5 hours before my right eye gets that feeling that there is something (like dust or the proverbial “grain of sand”) on my contact. This irritation always seems to be in the same spot on my right eye. Could it possibly be scar tissue from the RK surgery that is “rubbing” against the contact? If so, is there anything that can be done about it? If I could just get this solved, I would be so happy!

    • coastal jewel says:

      I had a very similar situation with RK and farsightedness. Have you had your doctor look at the contact when it is in? It may just be a fit problem… I’ve got Synergies multi-focals and still use readers for fine print, but I am thrilled. If contacts had been like this, I would never have had RK. I can wear for 12 plus hours. No problem at all. I’ve had occasional irritation with my left eye, but have been able to resolve w/ cleaning. Good luck!

  36. CatHamm says:

    First, thanks for this forum. I’m in my late 50s and thought I was just a dope trying to get these to work. Now I know that others have had problems.
    My first right didn’t fit correctly and was difficult to remove and gave me headaches. Went to see the doc and she re-fitted it. It’s almost miraculous how much easier it is to remove. (It was adhering to the eyeball, she said.) Now the left is acting up, so I’ll go back to see her. If it can feel as great as the right, I’m sold.
    Overall, I’m pleased, but I can’t wear them more than about 10-11 hours a day, and my work day is longer than that. But it’s worth it not to have to take glasses on and off all day.
    As with most of life, there are tradeoffs. My distance vision, especially at night, isn’t as good. So my thing is workdays/contacts, days off/glasses.

  37. Mary says:

    I have to say that I appreciate this forum as it makes me know I am not alone in my poor experience with Duettes. I must add that I find it interesting that my last post is not present. It was the one where I gave up on Duettes and went back to the old material. I also included a comment regarding an email from the Duettes rep to me regarding the lack of wearability in certain cases. Mine as it turns out is due to a high protein content in my tears. I thought the cop wnt would be helpful to others who experienced the same “spotting” problems that I had. The bottom line…. I would hope that all comments would be posted and not filtered out. I feel that if people were aware of real documented problems to some of the wearability issues it might save them a lot of time, money and frustration. Good luck to everyone in finding what works for them. Love Synergeyes, hate Duettes!

  38. Cyn says:

    I was having fogging problems again and had a refit with a different doctor. He said the Duettes are designed to move on your eye when you blink. If the fit is too tight they end up sticking to your eye, which I assume promotes the fogging. He ordered a new pair with a flattened curve and I’m on day 2 with no fogging, although the prescription needs tweaking. We’ll see how it goes.

  39. kat. says:

    I just got mine yesterday. Trying to remove them last night was a nightmare. I thought I might end up at urgent care to have the left one removed. I cannot seem to feel the skirt with my fingers for removal. Does anyone have any suggestions for easier removal?

    • Cyn says:

      Kat, the first thing I do when removing the Duettes is to put a drop of preservative free saline in each eye. Then all I have to do is gently lift the bottom of the soft edge by sliding my thumb up and the lens just pops out.

      And yes, the fogging was all about the fit! I think the company should be more vigilant in training the doctors they dispense their lenses to! How many people (like myself) have spent months trying to figure out what is fogging up their lenses? I was ready to give up on them. My dad lives in a different state and already has given up. Synergize, if you are listening, wise up and start checking in with the doctors using your product – you’re losing business!

  40. Geo says:

    I start by pinching at the bottom of the lens. good luck

  41. Geo says:

    Does anyone find that the lens takes a long time to settle in when first put in? Every morning it takes at least 2 hours to get right. After that I’m OK.

  42. Shani says:

    Anyone happen to know if you can get these in and out with moderate length fingernails? My doc wants to try me with these, and I’m really nervous now about getting them in and out.

    • Eenae says:

      Like regular soft contacts you can have longer nails to insert and remove…after lots of practice!! SO I would highly recommended you practice with short nails first!! The shorter the better. The more you use the pads of your fingers the less likely you’re going to pinch and scrape your cornea and get an abrasion. Not a good thing. As you get better, and your nails get longer you’ll adjust accordingly. Be careful!

  43. Tina says:

    I have not had good luck with the SynergEyes ClearKone lense. I’ve had mine for about 6 months & must admit I gave up early due to the discomfort. My husband has worn for 2 years & loves them. His get foggy from time to time but wears them for hours. He made me feel like maybe I didn’t give it enough time. So I tried again today. By noon my eye felt very dry & uncomfortable. I see this is not uncommon. The problem is my left eye. To be honest my hard lense is much more comfortable. It feels like a large suction cup in my eye. I’m going to give it another day or two.

    I made the decision to get a cornea replacement on my right eye & of course they want to try this lense on that eye. I haven’t had any luck on the left but well see. Maybe I will have them check the fit on the left as well.

    As far as vision goes its great, it’s just the suction cup feeling I hate.
    Thanks for the forum, now I don’t feel like a failure.

  44. Cory Semper says:

    I have Keratoconus in both eyes. I have been using the Hybrid contact for some time now and have a comfortable fit in boy in eyes. The problem(s) I have with the lenses, are my left eye has some fogging at times and my eyes are ALWAYS!! watering. Can anyone help me out with this??

  45. Julie says:

    I have tried almost every type of contact lens made (hard, soft, RGP) and always had to give up due to chronic dry eye. Eye drops help for a short period of time but never enough to make contact lens wear tolerable. I have tried punctal plugs, no luck there. I also had the RK procedure done in 1995 and unfortunately the procedure failed. I was lucky to experience maybe 2-3 weeks of clear vision before my vision began to regress. I am at the same level of myopia that I started with and now that I’m older, I also need bifocals. I have worn glasses for 40 years and have hated them from day one, so I was intrigued by these lenses. Basically my question is, can someone with dry eyes tolerate these lenses or would I just be wasting my time and money. Due to my flat cornea, I cannot wear the standard RGP anymore as they do not fit. Soft lenses basically stick to my eyes without constant eyedrop use. I would love to get rid of my glasses because they cause me so much discomfort and the vision is not good. Sorry for the long post. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!

  46. Linda says:

    Was introduced to the Duette lenses today. They felt wonderful – like nothing in my eyes at all. I’ve worn RPG’s for 20+ years. My doctor was very excited over the fact that I could see so much better than with the RPG’s. So, I’ll be fitted with a new pair next week. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll let you know.

  47. Abby says:

    How much are you paying for Synergeyes lenses? I wear one in my right eye (acuvue soft in my left) and my practitioner is charging me $700 for a 2-pack. I feel this is ridiculous, but am not in a financial position to start shopping for a new eye doctor and go through the whole rigamarole again. The SynergEyes site does not have a price list, of course. Thoughts?

    • Eenae says:

      Unfortunately the rates for the lenses vary per doctor. However, see if you can find a list of doctors in or around your area that fit Duettes and shop how much they charge. Get your prescription from your doctor and order from someone else. I know they are quite pricey per contact lens due to the technology of them.

      Good luck! Let me know what you end up doing.

      – E

      • Abby says:

        It worked! I called around and found a few places less expensive (and some that were more!)–that would fill the prescription from my doctor. I ended up paying $250–that’s a $450 savings! For ONE EYE! Imagine if I wore them in both…. (and they are standard Synergeyes A, not Duettes).

        Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were many lens wearers out there who could benefit from hybrid lenses but just can’t swing the price, and opt to go with something different. Not at all consumer-friendly. :-(

      • tami says:

        Abby, what city are u in? I order a pair for $200 and if I order a second pair its $395 and I get a hundred dollar rebate!

  48. tami says:

    I just got fitted for the Duette lenses and had the same sensation in my left eye too but the doctor assured me that when I receive my pair the uncomfortable feeling will go away in time when I get used to wearing them. Ill keep u posted when I get mine in…

  49. Jeannie says:

    My Dr only allows two tries to get it right when fitting me with Synergy lens. My lens are never quite right but can’t afford the increasing cost for every two changes he makes. Is this a manufacturing normal or should I try a different doctor. My eyes are very difficult to fit as I need bifocals.

    • Eenae says:

      Hi Jeannie, Unless your doctor can guarantee a perfect fit in two tries I would definitely opt for another doctor who is willing to work with you and your eyes. Not everyone will fit every contact given to them. A good doctor will understand that.

      Good luck and let me know how it goes. – E

  50. Jeanette says:

    I just got my duette multifocal lenses yesterday. I am happy with the comfort, but my vision is not what it was with RGP lenses. My visual clarity is a priority for my doctor so I’m sure he will be working on this. I can get them in ok, but taking them out is another story. I so like taking out the RGP lenses, so simple. I expect this to improve since this is only my second night of removing them. I will post again in a few weeks.

    • Eenae says:

      A patient of mine whom I was giving a Duette instruction taught me something that day re removal. She had previously worn hard, RGPS, and soft contact lenses.

      Removal tip: open eyes wide, pull up on corner of eye towards temple, then blink.

      I will update my post with this. Let me know how it works for you.

      – E

      • Nicki says:

        My partner just got these lenses a week ago..the comfort and vision aspect of them has changed his life, he’s so happy for that aspect of them…BUT it is near IMPOSSIBLE to get them out :-( we watched the video tried that tried this method (stated above from Eenae) but that doesn’t work either… I even cut my nails to do it and I got it out, but haven’t been able to do it again…we tried using hairdryer that didn’t work either. I should mention he has quite small eyes so perhaps thats why the above mentioned in this post example didn’t work (the lense popping out) His eyes were so sore and sensitive from trying to get them out that he has now said he cant continue anymore and has gone to sleep with them in! We just didn’t know what else to do, but feel this can not be a good thing as he’s had them in for nearly 20hrs now :-( Please any suggestions?

        • Eenae Tam says:

          Hi Nicki,

          As an eye care professional it really concerns me that you are unable to get the Duettes out and that he is sleeping in them. Second, I am happy that he likes the vision! :)

          I do NOT recommend the hair dryer on the lenses AT ALL. My assumption is that it will just dry it out even more.

          Ok, so I do not know what you have tried thus far next to prying his eyes out and taking it out that way. :) And I’m sorry it has been difficult. Let’s try going over the removal instructions again perhaps in a little bit more detail?

          Try a drop of saline/rewetting drop to moisten the contact lens, and just to reiterate, make sure his fingers are dry. I do not know how old your partner is, but if he can see his eyes closeup in a well lit mirror, tell him to look for the edge where the soft skirt meets the contact lens. Even with soft contacts, patients that I have worked with tend to look up as they are trying to remove the contact lens. Remember, if you’re looking up, the contact lens has also gone up, so your fingers need to move up, or you’ll only be reaching for the white part of your eye. Use the middle finger of the hand that will be removing the contact lens to pull down the bottom lid, closer to the lashes the better. If he has trouble keeping the top lid open, have the other hand come up and over to grab the lashes of the top lid to hold it in place. If he can see the edge of the lens while keeping his eyes straight and still, tell him to aim below that where the soft skirt is ONLY. That is the ONLY place to break suction. The hard part cannot bend. Pinch the skirt, then lift up and out. Please be careful that he does not scratch the front of his eye.

          If that does not work try having him look down where his face is parallel to a table like taking out a regular hard contact lens (one of my Duette patient was able to get it out this way every time. It will not work for everyone.) For right eye, open eyes as wide as he can (basically wide enough to pass the hard edge), place fingers on temple side corner of right eye, pull up and blink HARD. The concept being as you blink the edge of your lid contacts the edge of the hard lens, the pulling pushes the contact lens out. Repeat for left eye with left hand.

          Removing contact lens should NOT be a rushed thing. I understand that there is panic when the contact is unable to be removed, especially moreso in your situation. But if possible do it slowly. Take your time. It is not a race.

          If worse comes to worse and you are still unable to get it out, please contact your eye doctor as soon as possible who fitted your Duettes and/or the nearest Duettes approved eye professional near you. I would also recommend making another appointment for a Duette Contact Lens Instruction.

          Do not give up on the Duettes! Especially if they are giving you great vision. If it is difficulty with insertion and removal, that can be corrected with patience and practice.

          Good luck! Please let me know if those tips worked or if there was another way he got them out.

          – Eenae

  51. Bonnie says:

    I posted on here the beginning of 2012 after trying the Duettes for 2 weeks and giving up. I have kept up with the comments on here and after re-reading a lot of the comments, it seems most people are having trouble with the ‘left eye’. Makes me wonder if there is an actual manufacturing problem with the lens.

  52. Jalissa Peterson says:

    Just picked up my duettes hd a few hours ago, I am def experiencing the feeling that the lens is super thick…..but I am excited to be able to see clearer then I have been able too in contacts. I shall give these a few weeks to conform to my eyes before requesting a new fitting. Great follow-up article by the way.

  53. Angelo Curreli says:

    Hi – I have been wearing duettes for 18 months (i am at my third pack) and i have never been so happy about the clarity of vision and comfort. I use ClearCAre every night and rinse them in the morning with unisol. I have Keratoconus and these lenses have saved me from the hassle of the gas-permeable. Strongly recommend them!

    • Eenae Tam says:

      Hi Angelo! Thank you for your positive comment! It’s so good to hear that somebody else out there is enjoying the Duettes as they are meant to be enjoyed! – E

  54. Karen Blesch says:

    I have just completed my fitting for Synergeyes Duette Multifocal. The first two sets of lenses had to be replaced due to fogging and haziness. My eye doctor noticed that my tear film was not coating the lens properly, called the company, and found out that for GP lenses in SOME patients, CLEAR CARE RUINS lenses. I now have a fresh set of lenses and they are working beautifully, except that I am not yet completely adapted visually. Synergeyes cautions use of Clear Care and recommends using a daily cleaner and a multipurpose solution instead. I have been doing that for a month, and my lenses are clear and very comfortable. Hope this helps those of you with fogging issues. Another great product is Blink N Clean which is used as a lubricating drop. It removes protein.

    I also want to mention that if you are adapting to a multifocal, give it time. I read one article written by a group of eye doctors that said it can take up to 3 months for some.

    • illusion130 says:

      I also had the same problem with the fogging and my doctor believes it was related to the clear care. Seems to be I was one of the ‘some’ patients. I’m a fresh pair of the Duettes and am using a daily cleaner and BioTrue. Hopefully the clouding doesn’t return. It was quite annoying. I’ve been wearing the hybrids from SynergEyes for years and didn’t have any problems with ClearCare until I started wearing this new version, Duettes.

      • Karen Blesch says:

        NEWS FLASH: Even using BioTrue and daily cleaner, I still had a problem with fogging. Since I am a heavy protein depositor, I am now trying the Purilens System and so far I’m impressed. This is an ultrasonic unit that cleans your lenses with no chemicals. Great for sensitive eyes. I have used it for over 2 weeks and my lenses really do feel like the are new every day. And very little fogging! I’ll post again in a few weeks to give you an update. This is something I found on my own that my eye doctor agreed that I should try. http://www.purilens.com/ It is approved for both soft & GP lenses.

        • Pat2 says:

          You guys are awesome. I have been a long time contact wearer and have had a pretty great experience over the last 20 years. Then my vision changed and the Duettes
          came into my life. I love the vision. I have no problems getting them in or out (most of the time.)
          But every other issue …. deposits – fogging – and the spots on the lenses … I have experienced them all. I have used every cleanser that my eye doctor recommended and went from Clear Care w BioTrue and even a couple of others to no avail. I got 3 months out of my last pair and super concerned at the wear life of my current ones as they are only 48 days old and already the right eye is foggy. I ordered the Purilens System and can’t wait to see if it helps.

          • Eenae Tam says:

            Hi Pat2, I know you mentioned you have tried everything but just for the sake of asking have you tried saline (Unisol being the recommended brand not a generic) for the insertion buffer with the Clear Care as the overnight cleaner? Pleasr advise.

            – Eenae

          • Alecia Teel says:

            Having the same filming/fogging issues as posted here, and have done everything my eye doc instructed. (Always rinse with Unisol Saline, Clean every time I take them out with Lobo SofPro2 Daily Cleaner, Disinfect every night with ClearCare, Ultrazyme enzyme cleaner once a week in addition to ClearCare). This pair is only 2 weeks old, and even thought I used Ultrazyme Monday night, had to removed them twice today to clean with daily cleaner. I LOVE my vision with these contacts and would really like to know if the Purilens System or other solutions are working for anyone.

          • Karen Blesch says:

            Please see my post on Sept 26th with my complete care regimen. Check out the Purilens System at http://www.purilens.com You can try it for 2 weeks risk free. It is a miracle cleaning system. And no, I’m not affiliated with them in any way. The system has saved me from having to go back to hard lenses. My eye doctor is so impressed, she is recommending it for all her Synergeyes patients.


  55. Vicky says:

    I was fitted for Duettes a year ago. The doctor was very enthusiastic and pressured me to abandon the gas perms I’d been wearing for 25 years. I was doing fine with the gas perms, but the doctor said at my age (49 at that time) I simply HAD TO move to a different lens because with age, my eyes would not produce sufficient tears for the gas perms to be comfortable. Comfort had not been a problem for me, however.

    Anyhow, while the comfort with the Duettes is very nice, and the near- and mid-distance vision is great, my distance vision is terrible. I literally have to ask passengers in my car to read street signs for me!The doctor kept assuring me that my distance vision is better than that of all of my same aged friends. He also said that I need to get used to the idea of tradeoffs – you can’t have good up-close vision, plus comfort AND great distance vision. Something has to be sacrificed, and in my case it was the distance vision.

    Another complaint is that the lenses get grimy very quickly. Within a few weeks, despite my using the Easy Eyes cleaning sponge daily to remove deposits, the Duettes have filmy spots. And they were far more expensive than my gas perms, with the fitting and two pairs of lenses coming in at $800. I am going to a different doctor next week to look into other lenses that I hope will do a better job of meeting my vision needs.

  56. Jeff says:

    The synergeyes hybrids are awesome! I love them. The trick is to get a lot of water in the bowl and put them in looking down. They pop right in and stay comfortable all day for me. I use the pop out technique and not my fingers. It also helps if you wet them first a few minutes before you pop them out. I do all sports with them in including water sports!

  57. Harry Myhre says:

    I have been wearing duettes for a little more than a month.
    I wore soft contact lenses for many years.
    The duettes took me a good two weeks to get used to.
    The first few days were pretty challenging. I took them out at noon, and rinsed and cleaned them and let them soak for half an hour and let my eyes take a rest. Then I would re-insert them after lunch and wear them the rest of the day.
    I always remove my lenses when I arrive home and wear glassess in the evening.

    My doctor has emphasized that cleaning the duettes is very important.
    He has me rub them between finger and palm for about thirty seconds.
    Also he has suggested taking a q-tip and using that to clean the inside surface of the duette – the part that touches the eyeball. My finger tips are a bit too large to clean the lenses. Also he has taught me to be more firm in cleaning. I think I was being too gentle.

    I am able to wear my lenses all day long at work now. Once in a while I still remove them at lunch. I sometimes go swimming at the gym during lunch hour. Don’t want to remove the lenses over at the gym, so I remove them in my office and then re-insert when I return.

    my reading vision is close to perfect. I can see the tiniest of fonts on my cellphone. My distance vision isn’t as good as my closeup vision, but I am okay to drive.

  58. Tracy says:

    I am glad to know that it’s not just me having trouble with “foggy” lenses. I’ve worn Synergeyes KC lenses for about five years. I loved them once we got the fit right and never had this trouble with my first few pairs. However, I have been disappointed in my last 2 sets of lenses. NOTHING I have tried will clean the spots off the lens for more than a few minutes, and they get worse over time. ClearCare daily with once-a-week Unizyme works best for me for comfort/overall cleaning (I have tried Opti-Free Refresh, Pure Moist, B&L, etc.) I also use Optive to insert them. The company HAS to know this is a problem – my tech has returned several pairs for this reason.

  59. Esther says:

    I have been using soft lenses for the last twenty years of my life.
    Today it was the first time I used my hybrid contact lenses. My vision was 20/20 however my eyes were irritated, teary and swollen. I had to take sick leave from work in the afternoon to return home and remove my contact lenses.
    My question is: Are the tears, the irritation and discomfort normal?
    Also, usually, I work between 8-10 hours a day. Is it OK to keep the lenses in my eyes for that whole duration?
    Thank you very much

    • Eenae Tam says:

      Hello! I apologize for the late reply. Just recently got married so things up until then were on the back burner.

      I’m sorry you had trouble with your Duettes and no what you were experiencing does NOT sound normal. What it sounds like to me is a bad fit even if you see clearly out of them. If you haven’t already, please go back to be refit.

      Please let me know how it goes.

      – Eenae

  60. Beth says:

    I have been wearing soft lenses for 20 years but with uncorrected astigmatism, which I believe has worsened with age. I went through 5 trial pairs of torics with my last eye doctor but none would stay in place. I decided to try duettes and have been wearing them for a week. The first day I put them in, they felt like sand in my eyes and were very hazy. Gradually, the left eye became more comfortable and even the right, although I can still tell it is there. It takes me about an hour or two every single day for them to “settle” and reduce some of the haze. My eyes feel very dry with them and I don’t see as clear out of my right as my left eye. I see very bad glare, halos, starbursts, and ghosting particularly in lower light like when I walk into a store or building. Daylight is great though and I can see clearly both near and far. I am going in for a follow up tomorrow and am hopeful that my doctor can figure out the problem. The glare and halos are so bad that I thought I saw a ferris wheel in the park the other evening but it was just the halo around a street lamp!

    • Eenae Tam says:

      Hi Beth, just for my curiosity are you putting in a couple drops of saline in the lens before insertion? There needs to be a cushion of liquid between your cornea and the inside of the lens to prevent air bubbles.

      – Eenae

      • Cheryl says:

        I am 56 years old and have never worn contacts. My vision has changed so much over the past few years and I have become very dependent on my glasses ALL THE TIME, and they are no line bifocals as well. I have gotten tired of always changing from regular to sun glasses constantly and did not like the transition glasses at all. I just had an eye exam and asked about trying contacts. My doctor recommended I try the multifocal duettes so here I go. I have my first fittin in a week, and this site really has helped me. I think I am prepared for just about anything. I am most nervous because I have never worn contacts, so I am worried that it may take more getting used to. Thanks for all the comments everyone!

        • Eenae Tam says:

          Hi Cheryl! Good luck on first fitting. Just be aware it may take some time for your eyes to acclimate to such a thick lens. Also insertion and removal may be difficult. Don’t panic if that is the case. They shouldn’t send you home without a proper instruction visit. Someone should be there to help you on how to do that. Let us know how it goes. Please ask any questions. – Eenae

    • Heather says:

      Beth, I’m having the same experience as you. I’m three weeks in, so I’m still in the adjusting period. Did your doctor find a solution for you?

      I’m putting plenty of solution in my contacts before inserting them….and it’s not just plain saline, I’m using the more expensive and thicker doctor preferred solution.

  61. ragazza says:

    I’m on day five of these lenses and so far I’m not in love. It still can take me up to ten tries to get them in without an air bubble making it feel like there’s sand in my eye, and they dry out very easily. I’ve had to take them out and rewet them after only a few hours. Not very convenient or comfortable at all. My doctor switched me from regular soft lenses to these due to corneal neovascularization, but I may have to explore other options if things don’t change.

  62. Liz says:

    I am so glad I found this site and to hear I’m not alone with these issues; spots, fogging, irritation, discomfort and overall frustration. My Dr. has more or less been “pushing” these lenses on me, telling me they no longer make toric lenses for my astigmatisms. This is my second year “trying” these and the first pair didn’t even last 3 months and the second pair lasted five days. My Dr. had lunch with the rep last week where he was supposed to discuss my issues to see what more could be done and I just learned yesterday from the receptionist that they’ve ordered me another pair. I have to admit, I’m disappointed because I specifically told him “I just don’t think these contacts work for me” and I want to know what other options I have.

    I’m not sure I can bare going through this torture yet again. The first year I tried them was even more awful – my children are permanently scarred from watching me painfully try to insert and remove them from my eyes. I swore I wouldn’t wear them for a second year but again, my Dr. is more or less insisting I use them.

    After my own experiences and reading everyone elses posts I’m left with the following thoughts: 1. I haven’t been fitted properly, 2. My Dr. is getting some sort of kick back/incentive by prescribing these and 3. It’s time for me to find another eye care professional. I’m beyond frustrated and doubt these will ever work properly for me. In the 25 years I’ve been wearing contacts this has been the worst experience hands down.

    • Eenae says:

      Dear Liz, I am VERY sorry that your experience with these contacts have not been great. I am also very sorry that your doctor is not helping you in the least bit and should be ashamed of him self. DO NOT get the contact lenses and find yourself another doctor who really wants to help and not trying to make a buck off you! And he is LYING about other options for toric contact lenses! There are plenty of other options for you in the soft contact lenses. Not everyone will love the Duettes. And that is ok! I hope you find someone else. Please let me know if you’re in the Boston area. I would love for you to meet our doctors. – Eenae

  63. Karen Blesch says:

    The trial period lasted about four months before we settled on a care regimen. After wearing my current pair of lenses for six months I just had my checkup and ordered the next pair of lenses (with a slight prescription change.)

    Care regimen for me is crucial because I am a high protein depositor. And my vision needs dictate a hard lens, so the Duette multifocal is my best option. I find them very comfortable after 40 years of hard and gas perm lenses.

    Keeping them in pristine condition is the key to good vision. Here is my care regimen:

    Lobob SofPro2 Cleaner with Easy Eyes Sponge http://www.easyeyes.com/

    MOST IMPORTANT: Purilens System http://www.purilens.com (This replaces multipurpose cleaners and hydrogen peroxide systems and is AMAZINGLY
    MORE EFFECTIVE! It is cheaper to use than these and is warranted for life if you buy their solution.) My eye doctor said after 6 months that my lenses were almost completely free from buildup and looked like NEW!

    BioTrue (No soaking. I just rub my lenses in it before insertion for a little lubrication. Then insert by filling the bowl with Saline.

    Saline or Purilens solution: I use saline as rewetting drops during the day. I find that drops made for this purpose build up on the lens and affect my vision.

    Occasionally, I will also use Unizyme, but with Purilens, it is not really necessary.

    I find that during the day I sometimes have lipid or protein buildup and I need to clean the lenses. This may be due to dry eyes.

    This process was definitely worth it for me. (And my eye doctor was infinitely patient.) If you are just starting out, give it time because there is a significant adaptive period. Your brain literally has to learn how to see with these lenses. This can take weeks.

    I hope this helps someone else.


    • Alecia says:


      Thanks so much for your detailed response. The issues you describe seem to be exactly the same as mine and I am so glad I found this forum! I bought the Blink-n-Clean drops a couple of days ago and had a near perfect vision day after using them yesterday, so I thought I had found the solution to my problem. But no such luck today–I had to take the contacts out this morning and clean again with SofPro2 and they still aren’t perfect. I just ordered a trial of the Easy Eyes sponge and you’ve convinced me to try the PuriLens system, so I’ll order that today as well. I was instructed to always rinse with Unisol saline. Do you use this brand?

      In case this helps anyone else who has a comfort issue, my doctor recommended I wear a pair of Acuvue Oasis contacts (with little or no Rx) underneath the Duettes. It sounded a bit crazy at first, but it has worked like a charm for comfort! With the Acuvue lenses added, I can wear them all day with no issues (at least when they are clean). The Duettes alone were very uncomfortable after a few hours of wear and extremely difficult to remove. But I see better with the Duettes than with any contacts I have worn in 20 years, so I didn’t want to give up on them. Now if I can just keep the them clean!

      • Karen Blesch says:

        Yes, I use Unisol. I also rub my lenses prior to insertion with BioTrue just for some better lubrication. (Dry Eyes) But I fill the bowl before insertion with Unisol.

        I use Blink n Clean too, but sparingly. It seems to coat my lenses and affects my vision.

        You may find with the use of the Purilens system that your Synergeyes lenses are MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE. They advertise that you get “like new” lens comfort every day. But I JUST got a new pair of lenses, which I inserted the first day without cleaning. They were MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE the second day after I had used Purilens. Try it and see. I’d love to know how you like it.

      • mary says:

        Hello I have fogging also but the first time I started the fog when I was wearing the contacts. The doctor said they were to tight so I had to get them exchange which work perfectly. I can see 20\20 but small print is hard to see. My left eye is so comfortable
        if the fit is right you will have no problem with the comfort or sight. Now the fogging starts when I take out my contacts. And I know that it is something wrong my coneal is not getting enough oxygen. Make sure you do your research on these lens and the type of eye conditions you have. Doctors can’t take advantage of you if you are very knowelageable. I’m going back to the doctor for my foggy sight which is due to not enough oxgen. If you need any info on keratoconus please email me.

  64. Maggie Walsh says:

    I hope my question is ok on this blog. I have been wearing several contacts by Senergyeyes for about four years. Seems to be the best choice for me even though I sometimes have a few problems.

    Yesterday I went to a new practitioner certified to fit the lenses. Mostly for convenience though I did have a small complaint with my previous doctor.

    My question is, has anyone seen a drastic difference in the price of senergyEyes. He is fitting me in Multi-focal with I have had before. He did tell me he was starting from scratch.

    Anyway the cost was 499. per one pair and of course I had to buy two, the fitting was 349., with several test and a new patient exam adding another 300., for a total of 1647.00. Does this seem out of line to anyone. In the past, I have paid 500. or 600. for an annual supply of two pairs.


    • Eenae says:

      Maggie, you should not be paying that much for Duettes at all. Find someone else.

      – Eenae

      • Maggie Walsh says:


        Thank you, for your comment. I certainly will go somewhere else for my next purchase. I’m just left feeling stupid for not asking during my appointment. But who would think the price for contact lenses would double in a year. It never acquired to me to ask.

        I’m also tired of being ripped off because I assume people are fair.


        • Eenae says:


          I’m sorry they are charging more than they should. At our practice our current rate is $175 for the fit. Are you in Massachusetts?

          – Eenae

          • Maggie Walsh says:

            Eenae, I live in Atlanta GA now but my husband is from Boston and most of his family is still in the Boston area (Waltham to Chelmsford)so we visit often.

            The OD I saw stated that he was involved in the clinical trials with the senergyeyes and also worked on the product in another way though I can’t remember exactly how.

            So lets hope he knows what he is doing even if in my opinion, his opinion of what he can charge is off the chart. He also didn’t put a trial pair on me, he ordered them and told me to give it about a week to come in. He mentioned we had 90 days to exchange them until the fit is right.

            Soft lenses are not an option for me because as I previously had RK in the late 80’s and just can’t get good vision. I think it has to do with the same thing other RK patients have mentioned on this site.

            The Dr. said my eyes still think I’m nearsighted. What ever that means…I do try to take it all in and this site is great help.

            Once I get the right fit, I hope to buy another 2 pair at a more in line price. At the bottom of my receipt, it does say no returns or refunds, just store credit so I’m hooked this time.

            I hate it because I am a loyal consumer and believe in energy for energy and I’m always happy to pay for what I receive.

            Congratulations on your recent marriage and best wishes for many wonderful times.

            Even though I’m from the south, I love my Boston man and his Boston talk. And of course the Red Sox, Patriots and Bruins.


  65. Jan says:

    After 20+ years of great vision after RK surgery in the 90’s (other than problems with night vision) and no contacts or glasses my vision began to be unstable. My Dr started with hard lenses. After 5 or 6 hours they felt pretty rough and after I took them out. I couldn’t see to watch TV or read. After 3 hours of terrible vision I went to bed and woke up back to normal. I wouldn’t put them back in. (Dr said the hard lenses had compressed my eyes).
    I did my research on line and asked my Dr about Synergeyes. He had a kit – just hadn’t thought about it. Or possibly was trying the cheapest route 1st. Anyway this is my 2nd day with new lenses. They felt great very quickly. The biggest problem was taking them out. I had hard lenses for years and soft for years – so I wasn’t unfamiliar to lense removal. But now I have nails. I torchered my eyes for an hour trying u tube instructions till I read a tip about blinking that finally worked. Tonight I just used my middle finger on both hands and squeezed the lens gently from both sides with my eyes open wide and my head down. They both came out easily. No torture.
    Vision is good except for reading. I’m actually good without the contacts. May have to get reading glasses for meetings, etc. I appreciate the comments and tips and wanted to add my removal one for those wishing to keep their nails.
    Also- my Dr does not charge for return visits and trials until the fit is right. He told me at the start it might take quite a few tries before we got a good fit for me. I may have it on the 2nd try. I will post back in a week or two.
    Note: these lenses stabilize my sight. Glasses won’t help.

  66. Alex says:

    I have had my Duettes for approximately 3 weeks. I absolutely love the vision. I have astigmatism and am near-sided in one eye, far-sided in the other. With the Duettes I have 20/15 vision! Here’s the problem…. I wear them for 14-16 hours a day. My eyes are blood-shot all the time with these. I also struggle with the scratchy feeling at times.

    I have been instructed to use BioTrue (rub the lens) before putting them in my eyes. I have also been instructed to use BioTrue (rubbing the lens) before putting in the Clear Care case and solution at night. I have found that the ClearCare ends up bubbling and overflowing out of the container – a lot!

    Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Thank you! I am truly hoping to get these to work – but am unsure that they will.

    • Heather says:

      I also have experienced the bubbling-over phenomenon–sometimes the container is only a third full in the morning. I forgot to ask my doctor about it last time.

    • Karen Blesch says:

      Yes, I experienced the same bubbling over that you did. You can’t use Biotrue or any multi purpose solution with Clear Care. I now use the Purilens system in place of Clear Care. http://www.purilens.com It makes the lenses much more comfortable, extremely clean, and it is cheaper to use than Clear Care. It has enabled me to keep wearing contacts. No chemicals and amazing results.

    • Alex says:

      Heather and Karen, I decided to try something new since I last posted this. I no longer use BioTrue before putting my lenses in the ClearCare container and solution. In the mornings, I use BioTrue, rub the lenses, put 2 or 3 drops of BioTrue in the lens and insert them into my eyes. So far – 2 days without the redness and without the burning. I am convinced that using BioTrue before ClearCare is a bad choice. The bubbling, and subsequent emptying of the container clearly prevented the solution from neutralizing. Stay tuned…..

  67. Jennifer says:

    I have worn Synergeyes A model for years and was thrilled. No problems…could wear them for 16 hours a day. Used any saline solution and soaked them in Clear Care once a week. This year, I’ve tried the Duettes twice. They are SOOOO dry. I can’t stand it. Makes the vision poor, when I know they are clear..it’s just the dryness. They literally stick to my eyes. Hurts to pull them off. What up with this terrible material? I pray they did not adjust the normal synergeyes A contacts, but I think they have. My last 3 tries with them, the perscription turned out way off. So frustrated.

  68. Jennifer says:

    Also, I use Biotrue and eyedrops from my doctor. Dry 2 minutes later.

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