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Gene Dante – C Star



Gene Dante’s music video for the song “C Star” off of his album The Romantic Lead is the new Rumor Control Track of the Week. Directed by Michael Pope, who directed many videos for The Dresden Dolls and Amanda Palmer.  Gene takes us on a “down and dirty” tour of the underbelly of glam rock decadence. Crawling through the seedy night club circuit and over-saturated media whoring, Gene Dante gives us his proletariat response to the systematic devaluation of entertainers as a sub-breed; a tongue-in-cheek, button-pushing chant designed to address fears and concerns head-on with humor and irony.

So kick your underage kids out of the room, put on your headphones, and enjoy a celebratory tribute to the forefathers of glam which Gene Dante inherited his crown from.

Find out more on the Gene Dante official site.


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