Every year, ArieScope Pictures, does a Halloween short spoof, but I must say 2009’s was the best!  May I introduce you to the Jack Chop.  Paul Solet’s (Director of ‘Grace‘) character, Nicolo, is trying to convince YOU to buy the pumpkin cahving tools for the Halloween season!

I’ve been passing this video around to some of my friends and thought I’d continue to share it with the world because I really think this video should be going more viral than it has, especially during the Halloween season!  It’s seriously funny EACH time you watch it!  Even more so if you’re from Massachusetts, or New England for that matter. So please feel free to continue passing this blog around!

*WARNING: Rated R – Video contains lots of cursing and “blood”*  Fahkin!

ArieScope also does a lot of independent horror/thriller films as well. Check out their official website if you’re fans of that genre.  Thanks ArieScope!! You guys are awesome, dood!

E Rating (1 E= meh, 5 Es = Eenae Endorsed):  it’s a scrEEEEEam!  (yeah, I had to go there! lol)

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