Photo of Sherlock BBC characters

Sherlock TV Show Review (BBC) – Modern Version of the Quirky Detective


Photo of Sherlock BBC charactersSherlock is the BBC’s version of what the quirky detective could do with the available technology of today. With the inventions of cell phones and the World Wide Web, the detective has a lot more ways to solve the crimes presented to him.

Sherlock, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, is a young, self-centered man who is thrilled by solving the puzzles of the most difficult crimes by using his innate power of observation.  His accomplice/flatmate, Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman), provides the medical expertise.

This is such an intriguing take on the series, you get completely wrapped up in it. You can watch it instantly on Netflix.


E-rating (1=meh, 5=Eenae Endorsed): EEEEE



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