Gene Dante

Gene Dante – DL/UX (Review)

Beginning with “Showtime” – a horror cabaret evoking prologue – DL/UX takes you on a 15-track lyrical journey of heartbreak, defiance, survival, and self-acceptance wrapped in a dark, shimmering cape of The Future Starlets’ musicianship and John Eye’s studio production.

They call Gene Dante a glam rocker, and despite cool elements of 1970’s glam and 1980’s goth tastefully woven in, this is not a throwback album AT ALL.

His smoky croon fits perfectly as the album hits pop highs (“High Time” “Vampire Days” “Love is for Suckers”) and slinks into darker, more introspective hideaways (“Whomever You Need” “D.I.R.T.Y.” “No Road Home”).

DL/UX is available now on all digital platforms. Also, H1 Massive – the boutique indie label run by producer John Eye – has released both a 40-page artbook/CD, and a cassette(!). A double-vinyl LP version is planned for 2022.

Sugar and tears notwithstanding, this band is not afraid to bring the rock. From the Gary Numan / Trent Reznor lovechild “She’s Outside”, to “Diamond in a Trash Can” (the guitar solo section being one of the many album standouts), to the disco disillusionment bombast of “Pigs in the Powder Room,” there is plenty to get your blood pumping.

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