Van-dwelling indie duo Twen, comprised of Jane Fitzsimmons and Ian Jones, have chosen a bit of an unusual time in which to give the world their take on a summer anthem. The band’s first new release since their One Stop Shop LP, “SeaStar” dropped on December 15th, injecting a bit of sun and sand into what for many of us is a season of gray skies and winter chills. It’s hardly unwelcome; “SeaStar” is a delightfully fluid slice of indie pop ear candy. Fitzsimmon’s hooky vocal melodies float atop the spacy, reverb-laden atmosphere provided by Jones’ guitar with a buoyancy reminiscent of Morning Glory-era Oasis. It even comes complete with gargled harmonies straight out of “Octopus’s Garden.” Warm and inviting without every sounding too saccharine, “SeaStar” is a refreshing glimpse of summer sky, clouded by just the right amount of lyrical longing to balance the light with shade.

“SeaStar’s” accompanying video sees Twen entirely leaning into the song’s aquatic allusions, featuring the band in various states of submersion ranging from dry on a sandy beach, to ankle-deep in puddles and waves, to totally submerged in a swimming pool. It really is enough to leave those of us who currently risk hypothermia on a seaside excursion yearning for warmer climes.

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