A blurry, distorted press photo of the band "Shallow"

Shallow – Saturday Morning

“Saturday Morning,” hot off the presses from Montreal-based newcomers Shallow, makes quite the first impression as a debut single. It sounds like a band emerging fully formed with a sound all their own without an ounce of trepidation. Featuring a hooky yet tantalizingly spacey lead vocal throughout, “Saturday Morning” alternates between rhythm section-lead, groove-driven verses and a massive chorus rife with richly distorted guitars and capped off with an atmospheric piano pedal point. It’s an earworm, plain and simple.

With an elegant combination of pop melodies and sludgy rock textures, “Saturday Morning” evokes the best of shoegaze bands like My Bloody Valentine while remaining distinctly contemporary and unique, announcing the arrival of an artist to watch with eyes peeled. If their first ever release sounds this good, than I for one am eager to hear what Shallow cooks up next.

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