A picture of artist "SEDIVY"

SEDIVY – What’s My Luck

“What’s My Luck” from Las Vegas-based artist SEDIVY’s self titled debut album is one of those songs that almost feels like a painting, in its way. Opening up psychedelic and spacey, “What’s My Luck” affects a plaintive mood before kicking up into a massive, Smashing Pumpkins-esque chorus dripping with fuzzed-out guitars. Colored with impressionistic lyrics and given definition by impeccable production values, “What’s My Luck” is a dynamic and cathartic evocation of longing that in less skilled hands could easily have been a mosaic of contrasting musical idioms, but is instead a deft blend of styles that is much more than the sum of its parts.

“What’s My Luck” and its parent album make for a strong artistic first showing, which in light of mastermind Matthew Sedivy’s track record should come as no surprise. Sedivy is a seasoned veteran of the music industry who, in addition to being an artist in his own right, has composed for numerous film and commercial projects, and is a prolific recording engineer whose clientele includes luminaries the likes of Imagine Dragons. All that said, “What’s My Luck” and Sedivy’s own songwriting talent stand tall on their own merits, as a listen to this track will confirm.

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