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Need a Vacation? a JetBlue Getaways Review


Photo of JetBlue Getaways logoI’ve finally gotten myself out of debt and can now put aside some cash to get away for a bit.  There are so many places to go online to buy vacation packages it’s hard to figure out which one is the best deal. Whichever package you go for I highly recommend CALLING JetBlue Getaways (JBG) last and see if they have a better deal. Don’t go through the website because the live operator seems to have better access to pricing packages.

Photo of El Conquistador hotel from back of boatMost of my trips right now revolve around scuba diving so we head mostly to the Caribbean. (CCC) was my go to vacation package store when I booked our trip to the Bahamas in Sept 2010, but when I compared their prices to what JetBlue Getaways had to offer for our Puerto Rico trip in May 2011 JBG jumped to the top of the list.

For two people to fly from Boston to PR and stay at the El Conquistador for 4 nights, CCC quoted me around $1800 for taxes, hotel fees, etc. I called JBG and for the same things we got our trip for $1300, tack on a rental car for $200 and we still came in under CCC by $300! That’s a good deal!

I’m heading to the Dominican Republic July 2011 and taking my best friend for her birthday! I love that girl! However, the trip itinerary was going to be a little more complicated because I want to fly from Boston to meet her in Orlando, then the two of us fly to Santo Domingo the next morning, lounge, scuba, snorkle, free dive, play some dominoes for a few days, and then each head back to our respective cities.

This was not an itinerary you could easily do online. So I first called up CCC and they were only able to help me out with 95% of that itinerary including airport transfers. They couldn’t help me out with the first part, Boston to Orlando. The cost, around $1886.

I called up JBG, not only were they able to help me out with 100% of the complicated itinerary with transfers, they came in $50 less than CCC!

So I’m not saying that CCC is not the cheapest, it’s my close second, but JBG is also a good place to check…just to make sure.

Photo of E and J arriving at a JetBlue Getaways destination

E rating (1=meh, 5=Eenae Endorsed): JBG – EEEEE; CCC – EEEE

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