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Taxes and the Government – What is going on in America???

Photo of a pile of moneyI’m not a politician and if I can avoid it I don’t like talking about politics either. It makes me very annoyed and angry hearing about the tax increases and what the government is (not) doing about it.  I also don’t know much about politics, but what I am reading about on the net and hearing on the news is just a little irritating. I just read an article in the NY Times talking about how the Republican’s view of Obama’s tax plan ” to impose a minimum tax rate on those who earn more than $1 million a year” as “class warfare“.  Excuse me? I know I’m just a middle class citizen making less than 60K (after taxes way less than that), but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid.   Obama’s plan is that above a certain level of income, loopholes and deductions and credits would be limited so that the high earners pay their fair share.  Sounds fair to me.

I’ve always wondered what I would do if I ever won the lottery. Even just a million dollars.  My first thought is pay my bills and mortgage on my house, and help out my family. That’s what I would do with ONLY a million dollars.  Here are people who have a million or more, and what do they do with it? Accumulate more.  And what happens when they get more? They want more. But what are you going to do with more? You can’t take it with you when you’re dead.  So you accumulate more so that all your underlings that work for your corporation are barely making ends meet because you have paid them the least amount of wages that you can, so that you can have more in your bottom line.  Don’t forget, if it wasn’t for your underlings, you WOULDN’T HAVE a bottom line!

Call me crazy but taxes on a $1 million or more, is really a drop in the bucket for the big corporations or individuals.  And when I mean individuals, I’m not only talking about CEOs and other corporate officers, but actors/actresses, sports athletes, all those who are really making it big off of entertaining the middle class and the poor, who save up their HARD EARNED cash to go watch your $14 per ticket movie, or see you play at a $50 or more per ticket for a concert or sports game.  You REALLY can’t afford to give that drop up? Taxes on me and those around and below my tax bracket, that IS the bucket.

“The economist, Alice Rivlin,….said Mr. Obama’s proposal would simply add a complication to a tax code that needs more fundamental reform.”  This is the quote that got me really riled up. Seriously?? How complicated should your tax code REALLY need to be???  As any responsible American who is watching their cash and knows how to BUDGET ACCORDINGLY TO THE MONEY THEY HAVE, the tax code should be simple. ONE STOP TAXING.  No taxes if you make less than $19K.  A percentage for the next tax bracket, and higher percentage for the next brackets. That’s it. Simple. Easy. Done. All taken out of your paycheck ONCE.  Why are we taxed 50x on the same income? I pay income tax, then I pay sales tax on stuff I buy, then I pay food tax, and tax on this and tax on that. Seriously, it really doesn’t need to be this complicated.

And why is that even on a double income family I can barely afford a house to buy?  It’s ridiculous, but that’s another gripe for another time.

And why is Rep. Paul D. Ryan a proponent to cutting Medicare and Medicaid?  I thought the government was there to help the people??  Cutting those programs is NOT helping the people. Especially those people who have carried America as far as they have.  These are senior citizens who are mostly unable to work and disabled so unable to make money to pay for doctors visits, prescriptions, etc. Just because you’re able to afford proper healthcare for you and yours doesn’t mean everyone else can.

And can someone please explain to me how that Social Security may decrease for the future? There are so many people pooling their paychecks to pay for Social Security and there’s no money for the future? And can someone also explain to me why my Social Security just isn’t going into an account for MY SOCIAL SECURITY? It all just seems very sketchy and wasteful. Bad budgeting.  Sounds like gambling on the future to me.  The government should only play with the money that they DO have, not that the money that they THINK they’ll have.

Look, I have nothing against hard working people who have made it big. Congratulations, I wish I had your luck, ambition, whatever it was that got you to where you are now. But that does not entitle you to special tax privileges because you can afford to have a lobbyist get them for you.

All the comments I read are the same: Pay your fair share.  The economy is in a crisis and the lower class citizens are still doing everything they can to help out.  To the government, all parties, sections, what have you: Set an example as a leader.  If you lead well, the people will follow.  Don’t forget you’re only there because of the people who vote.  Piss them off enough, you’re out the next term, and there’s nothing the lobbyists can do to help.  To all those middle class and poor Americans, who still manage to find some change in their pocket to help their fellow American or anyone who is in need during hard times or tragedies, I applaud you.

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