THE NFL : A Bad Lip Reading – Just in Time for Super Bowl 2013

Super Bowl 2013 Sunday is this weekend February 3, 2013 with the Baltimore Ravens playing against the San Francisco 49ers.  If you are one of the 26 million and counting people who have seen this video already, enjoy it again!! If you haven’t seen it and you love football this is a riot!  and even if you don’t like football, it’s still a riot! For all you NFL football fanatics, here is a little insight into what the coaches and players are really saying on the field. (Activate the Closed Captioning too so you don’t miss a single “word”.)

Now I know why the New England Patriots didn’t make the final cut to play in Super Bowl.   Tom Brady was too busy looking for Fido!

The people at do it again!  (check out what their version of the President’s Inauguration speech/Beyonce’s song is here)

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