Brian Eno Burning Airlines album cover

The Top Five Glam Rock Songs to Shake & Pour Your Cocktail to

Now everyone knows that establishing the perfect glam presence takes more than just having the perfect wardrobe and accessories.  You have to be able to set the mood. Music is the major factor in establishing the right atmosphere, and influencing an overall mood.  That is why we have come up with this article on the top five glam rock songs to shake and pour your cocktail to. This is for all of you who want to live the glam life, or at least look like you do.  Gene Dante, in his best impression of GQ’s The Style Guy,  lets you know how to hold your drink with just the right amount of swagger…

Cover of Brian Eno's Burning Airlines Album5. Brian Eno “Burning Airlines (Give You So Much More)”
Brian Eno’s mock reggae art rock with lighthearted flavor provokes thought and discussion. That makes it an excellent soundtrack to a drink that will do the same: bison grass vodka & cucumber martini.

The Sweet - Fox on the Run Single Cover4. The Sweet “Fox on the Run”
These bad boys packed a punch, but were wrapped in gold lame & pretty hair cuts. So rock the sugar-sweetness with serious kick: a french martini (top shelf vodka + chambord + pineapple).
3. Queen “Now I’m Here”
These guys defined glam rock songs for an era and are a classic the will never disappoint: A super-chilled, dirty gin martini (something royal like Bombay Sapphire or Hendrick’s) with 1 olive. Don’t forget to chill the glass!
The New York Dolls - Personality Crisis Cover2. The New York Dolls “Personality Crisis”
It’s ok to be a little sloppy. Go for the ironic rock t-shirt and low-slung jeans. If nearing or over 30, I recommend shoes not sneakers. If you’ve got the goods, wear your tight leather jacket with no shirt (only if you can see your shoes when you look down, that is). This lipstick-smeared glam rock Stonesy groove bolsters the smokey-sweet burn of your perfect Manhattan or Old Fashioned (with muddled cherries for sure).
1. David Bowie “Star”This perky little number from the king of glam rock songs, goes great with something evocative of “walking on snow white”: The Shamble (also called Liquid Cocaine). In a champagne flute mix 1 part chilled vodka + 2 parts champagne + top with Red Bull or your favorite energy drink (I don’t recommend anything milky…ever). Because no celebrity wants sleepy eyes when photographed exiting his/her favorite night spot.

Roxy Music In Every Dreamhome a Heartache Cover
SUPER EXTRA COOL BONUS TRACK: Roxy Music “In Every Dreamhome a Heartache”
When one is feeling particularly isolated and self-torturous, yet longing to hear a great guitar solo and sweeping synthesizers, this song couples well with a single shot of your favorite tequila…neat…poured slowly. This bitter sting should be savored even more slowly.

Now remember kids, if you are going to drink, do it in style.  Make these godfathers of the glitter proud, and showcase your style and taste by knowing what drink to serve that perfectly compliments on of these top five glam rock songs.

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