Pic of me in my thrift shop Goodwill pimp jacket

Thrift Shop – What Was Your Best Find Or Shall We Say Best “Come-Up”?

I’m Asian, so I’m always looking for a good deal.  Since Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” song and video hit the airways it made me think of my best purchase at the Goodwill in Somerville, MA in 2002.  Like Macklemore says “One man’s trash, that’s another man’s come-up.”  And boy did I come-up with the best find for me!

I was driving through Davis Square in Somerville when out of the corner of my eye on the right in the window mannequin of the Goodwill store I spotted this huge black coat with fur cuffs and collar.  Real or fake? I couldn’t tell from the car.  It was gorgeous!  So I quickly found a parking spot and headed right in.  I went straight to the mannequin and felt the fur.  It was exquisite!  It was real leather and rabbit fur and fully fur-lined in the jacket.  And before all of you animal lovers go all hater on my ass, I do not condone animal cruelty nor will I willingly spend hundreds of dollars to purposefully order an animal killed so I can wear it.  This coat was already dead before I got to it.  And mind you if it was faux fur I still would have gotten it.  It’s a great design and well made.

Pic of front of Pimp Jacket coat bought at Goodwill thrift shop

Anyway, I went to the lady behind the counter, pointed at the coat and asked, “How much for the coat in the window?”  With a bored and nasally voice and a bland expression on her face, “All coats are nine ninety-nine.”  Surprised, I was like, “Excuse me?! Come again?”  Because I wasn’t sure I heard her correctly.  “All coats are nine….ninety-nine,” she repeated again.  Flabbergasted I had to confirm again, ” Nine ninety-nine?? As in nine DOLLARS and ninety-nine cents?!”  “Yes.”  At that point I didn’t care if it didn’t fit me.  I could always give it to someone it would fit.  I was going to buy it just for the deal alone!  Macklemore and Ryan Lewis would be proud because “this is fucking awesome!” And no you can’t have it.

Pic of back of Pimp Jacket coat bought at Goodwill thrift shop

LOL found this old pic of me from 2002 and what my friends and I have dubbed the “Pimp Jacket”.  Gotta love the pout! I look like a fish! HA HA HA  I was soooo cool.  Not.  The Pimp Jacket was a little big when the belt was tied in front, but with the belt tied in the back it makes for a great winter going out jacket.  It kept me very warm in my club clothes.  Aaahhh the price of beauty!  Ha ha ha.  It’s 2013 now and I’m working on getting my 2002 body back with the Tabata workout and it’s looking good so far.  Might actually be able to fit into that outfit again! The Pimp Jacket is still hanging in my closet and that top is in my dresser.Pic of me in my thrift shop Goodwill pimp jacket

The thrift shop is a good place to go “pop some tags” if you’re low on cash.  You never know what gems you will find.

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