“SAINT.EXE,” the latest single from Peruvian-born EDM artist CARV.R, is an electrifying and high-energy Dark EDM showcase for its creator’s unique, infectious electronic ethos. “SAINT.EXE” propels its listener into a synthetic landscape culled straight from a dystopian digital future.

With clear attention meticulously provided to its every sonic detail, “SAINT.EXE” awes with shimmering synth lines and expertly crafted percussion elements. A growling bassline and cutting leads dovetail into a fierce and invigorating composition that immediately captivates and refuses to let one’s rapt attention go.

Reminiscent of lauded acts Gesaffelstein, REZZ, and Sidewalks and Skeletons, CARV.R’s distinct sound is nonetheless singularly electrifying and ethereal, setting him apart in a genre already rife with talent. “SAINT.EXE” follows CARV.R’s independently released single “DEFLECT,” which was met with unanimous acclaim.

Rhythmically arresting and vividly propulsive, “SAINT.EXE” is proof positive that CARV.R is an artist to watch in the electronic music scene.

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