Savant put out an adorable new video to one of their songs called “Wildstyle”, but the video itself is titled “Kittens on the Beat”.  I know YouTube is full of videos of cute fuzzy pets, but these guys take advantage of the medium in a new way to tell their short story.

Ever wonder who makes off with all your left socks when you are not at home?  Ever wonder why it’s always the left sock? Ever wonder who protects your precious laundry from these sock marauders?  Well this video shows it all, even the fact that the tiny garment thieves travel in style since their getaway vehicle is a Lamborghini!

The track is an electronic dance instrumental, with a peppering of dubstep, and the video is pure adorable gold.  I know you may think your cats tear up your stuff, but this Kittens on the Beat video show that they are just protecting your valuable clean clothes when you are away from home.

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